Favorite authors?

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  • Kenneson
  • Kenneson

    That last link is correct as far as I can tell. When I type the URL in myself, it brings it up. I don't know why it doesn't when you click on it.

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  • mattnoel

    Robert Goddard. I read like three of his books in a row and he is just the most gripping author !

  • Celia

    Farkel : finally, I could listen to the Danse Macabre. You are a genius, I love it.

    How about CDs ? how can I get one ?

  • wednesday

    I really love a British writer named Stevie Smith. She writes short stories and poetry. I read 'I stand here ironing" and "Not waving but drowning". The appeal is to women.

    I too love Poe and Bronte.

    Anne Rice, of "Interview with a Vampire" "The vampire lestat" are great. i especially enjoyed the first one, and actaully found it very arousing.

  • bebu
    I like to read Edgar Allen Poe right after Robert Frost. Or Frost right after Poe.

    ...I am trying to figure out the relationship here! Poe and Frost? Is this like taking a hot shower and then turning on the cold, or vice versa?

    I love Robert Frost poems too. Also Ogden Nash (yeah, I know, silly!)

    I also love Norse mythology (tho' forgotten a lot of it); I think it was because the illustrations in that school library book were SO awesome. Made Greek mythology seem boring--no pictures in that book! (I appreciate Greek mythology better now. Don't need the pics.)


  • SheilaM

    My, My, my favorite subject I love to read so imagine and author and I've usually read something of them but my favorites. Meaning authors books I read over and over.

    Christopher Madonia (Thunder Rider's Burden)

    Stephen King/Richard Bachman (his penname)


    Rowling (oh ya)

    Terry Brooks

    Terry Goodkind

    Majorie McIntyre (River Witch)

    Laura Ingalls Wilder (I've read these since 2nd grade)

    Louisa May Alcott

    Poe/Shakespeare/etc. NOT Virginia Woolf YUCK


    Also Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by Robert Pirsig

    Dorothy Allison: Bastard out of Carolina <Sigh> loved it

    I read these for something quick to read: V.C. Andrews LOL Mary Higgins Clark John Saul (he irritates me because his editors never check that he contradicts himself LOL

    Oh and I FORGOT Robert Frost

  • Farkel


    Just write me, and give me your mailing address and I'll send you a CD! It's that simple!


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