Mass disassociation pact...

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  • Petraglyph

    It's coming together :)

    'world wide' slipped back in there ;)

    It might be worth having a number of topic based paragraphs that people can copy as some issues will matter to some more than others.

    It's critical there's something 'local' in the letter so the elders know it's come from their congregation, not just a generic mass mail.

    Good work in pulling this together!

  • Petraglyph

    'The silent speak' has a certain ring to it.

    Could be a strap line.

  • freemindfade

    doh! on the world wide...

    Ill remove that now.

    As for the issues, I want to make a general list for the unifrom section that is broad, when people write their own personal part they can say anything and everything they want, if they want to write a ten page rant by all means.

  • infpalex

    I finally have an area I can contribute... here is my first shot at a logo. What do you think?

  • infpalex

    The logo could also be abbreviated when necessary to:

  • freemindfade

    Anyone have any idea for spreading the rumor through other mediums, maybe we can make an IG image to give to some of the regular IG apostates to put up.

  • flipper

    SANS - excellent. From an outsider's viewpoint (never was jw) the reason for the anonymity being necessary is what would get the media's attention. That this religion has captive members, and how many lost their families after they left.

    SHUNNING should be at the lead. It is the reason for SANS. (Captive members who don't believe - stay in just to keep their families and "friends"))

    The threat of shunning is what causes jws to obey the stupid blood policy.

    Threat of shunning is why jws allow the horrible pedophile protection coverups by not going to the police, and it's why abuse victims stay silent.

    And a very simple logo of a wall being broken through (OnTheWayOut once had an avatar like that here). Maybe a graphic of notched battlements at the top of the wall like on the JW watchtower if it could be similar but not enough to cause WT to sue.

    To avoid that maybe a watchtower in the style of the Nazi POW camps being cut through at the bottom.

    As few words as possible - so it can be read easily and quickly. Links to articles or court papers could be provided for the details.

    I wouldn't make any mysterious lead ups - I never take the time to open threads that don't have a clear title.

    As simple and clear as possible.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • cappytan

    Does anyone else think we should move the detailed discussions to the Members Only area?

    Or does it not matter?

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "Incorrect Doctrine"

    I would be very careful about highlighting this aspect for the simple reason that the bible is open to multiple interpretations and notions of what is correct or incorrect can be somewhat subjective.

    However, it can work well if the intention is to highlight how Watchtower's teachings have changed over the decades and continue to change, thus demonstrating that their policy of shunning those who openly disagree with a particular teaching not clearly and explicitly stated in the bible, and which is subject to change in the future, is grossly unreasonable and amounts to coercing members to conform to teachings purely for the sake of conforming.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I also want to make an important point regarding information sent to the media. When responding to the media, Watchtower will likely use "theocratic warfare" to deny or mask the whole truth regarding issues like shunning of those who disassociate.

    It's very important then that the media receive documented evidence from Watchtower's own literature, to substantiate the issues mentioned in the letter. That way the media will get to see that the protesters are speaking The Truth about The Truth, while Watchtower is behaving like a spinning politician.

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