Complaining over post dislikes / downvotes

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  • Xanthippe
    I`m more interested in the replies I get from my posts

    No you're not the odd one out Smiddy, I'm more interested in actual replies to my post, positive or negative. I would rather someone disagree with me and tell me why, then we could discuss it. When you get dislikes you don't know if it's because you annoyed them on another thread, you had the nerve to disagree with their favourite poster ( there's a lot of that going on ) or they actually have a valid disagreement.

    Edit: lol to the person disliking every post on this thread.

  • Caedes
    Edit: lol to the person disliking every post on this thread.

    I do like to help!

  • Xanthippe

    Caedes, I knew it!😀

  • Bonsai

    You know what? I've been called out here. I must admit that I tend to hit dislike on almost all of a certain poster's posts. Whenever I get stressed out about something I come on and here and click dislike on one of his evangelical sermons. Magically almost all my stress goes away! Sorry dear poster! I don't dislike the messenger, I just dislike the message! I'll behave better from now on.

  • Diogenesister

    Trying to " like" your post freemind fade but I can't for some reason! I've struggled wiv the like buttons a bit lately, anyways.

    Not existential struggle

    or fat thumb struggle

    just plain can't do it struggle

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