Complaining over post dislikes / downvotes

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  • Simon
    I didn't think you could even see who had liked or disliked a post anyway so how would you know?

    Exactly, making unfounded accusations is just guessing and in this case was wrong. All it's going to do is generate bad feeling.

    I removed the posts concerned and made it into a generic 'don't do this' announcement as a reminder instead of sending a PM ... because last time I sent a PM the same person got offended and upset that it wasn't done as a general announcement to all ...

    I guess you just can't win - some people just don't want to be happy.

    Also, as a reminder, you can change your vote on a post if you made a mistake by clicking the other one instead.

    The voting for moderation would work fine in this case, there really wasn't any issue. But things work less well if people are allowed to harass other people over imagined votes.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Suggestion: Just the total ups and downs for the OP, should be shown on the homepage.

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer

    How about removing the thumbs down button altogether if that is possible? It's the posts with lots of likes that catch my attention anyway.

  • cofty
    you can change your vote on a post if you made a mistake by clicking the other one instead

    I get a red circle with diagonal line icon once I have made a vote.

    Edited to add - If I refresh the page I can change a vote

  • Simon

    Down-votes provide a way for bad behaviour to be called out without taking threads off-topic. I think they serve a purpose. Obviously, they can be mis-used in the same way that some people will use "like" to mean "you agree with me" rather than "you made a good post with eloquent arguments well explained".

    At the end of the day, they are just indicators of some sentiment. It's not an emperors up or down thumb ("oh, kill him") or being voted off the Island.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray
    It's not an emperors up or down thumb ("oh, kill him") or being voted off the Island

    What a splendid idea...say goodbye Perry...

  • ToesUp

    I appreciate the freedom this site provides to vent and offer your opinion on topics and matters. I sure do hope not everyone agrees with me or Mrs. Toesup 100% of the time. What a boring world it be! See Watchtowers websites. No tools to offer comments, like or dislike buttons. Nothing but their message with no other point of views allowed. I like the thumbs up and down buttons. Personal Freedom! This is why I left the Borg!

  • nicolaou

    Simon, can we have a 'meh' button for those posts that we regret opening? Just something to passive aggressively show we've wasted our time reading scriptural analysis or the latest end times prophecy.

    Or not, whatever. .

  • DesirousOfChange

    GEEZUS.............someone needs to get a life!

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    Simon, I was a member here 15 years ago, under a different name, and see things haven't changed all that much. (Hi Farkel, Tina, Prisca.) When people realize they've been in a destructive cult they react in different ways, and sometimes it's not pretty.

    If I believed in Saints, I'd nominate you for canonization.

    [Edit: If anybody downvotes this, you'll be hearing from my lawyer.]

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