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  • Simon

    Let's be clear: people have the right to like or dislike what they want - that is why the option is there. As long as they are not doing it in a malicious way to retaliate or game the system, there is no policing the votes. If you get a down-vote, live with it. If you get up-votes, be happy. If you realize neither really matters ... be content.

    If it is someone that wants to cause you angst by disliking your posts then making a big issue of it just reinforces it as a way to push your buttons - and would surely attract it more. Sometimes people are petty and if you've disagreed with them over something they think it's "clever" to go through your posts disliking them ... as though it achieves something. Oh dear, making a public issue of it shows them that it does.

    But a less paranoid explanation is that sometimes people maybe click the wrong button by mistake or maybe don't even realize they have clicked on something or maybe, just maybe, someone actually legitimately decided they didn't like something for some reason and used the option available to indicate it.

    It's silly to go off accusing people and causing bad feeling without any evidence, especially when the accusations are wrong.

    I also see it as a form of passive aggressive bulling ... are people meant to question whether they should dislike button for fear of the storm it will create if they do? That's equally unacceptable.

    So please don't do it. Don't complain about votes unless you are happy not to receive any likes either and, of course, to not cast any votes yourself (yes, it is an option), If you have genuine cause to believe that someone is targeting you (and I mean you are regularly down-voted even for innocuous posts) then let me know and I can look into it. Accusing people and taking threads off topic is not going to help.

  • TimeBandit

    Fuck you Simon....

  • TimeBandit

    Yer a peice of shit...

  • TimeBandit

    You are a abomination to all exjws.

  • Simon

    Wow, I helped you out by cleaning up your paranoid accusations and you don't have the intelligence to see I was actually doing you a favour.

    I don't know why you insist on taking anything and everything that happens as an attack against you (even a post dislike for god's sake) but lashing out at people and being insulting isn't going to be tolerated here - I'm not here to be a punching bag for whatever dysfunction you have in your life. I'm trying to run a forum for those who can can see the reasons for the rules and appreciate that occasional requests to keep things on track and running smoothing are sometimes necessary.

    There's enough work to do dealing with genuine serious issues (that you are clueless about) without having to deal with people like you throwing childish tantrums about nothing each and every time I make a simple and reasonable request. It's pathetic.

    I suggest you take some time to cool off and email if you are willing and capable of following the forum guidelines concerning civility. Those are non-negotiable.

    If not, wish you well and hope you learn to control your anger - try to consider what people are saying first before over-reacting to what you imagine they have said but haven't. You'll find life goes better when you realize people may actually be doing their best with the best intentions and are not "out to get you".

  • freddo

    Isn't Time Bandit (clumsily) trying to be satirical? I hope so because if he isn't then what's he doing here?


    You've got a lot to manage here with this forum - is there any way you could get assistance from a couple of trusted (and technically capable) posters to run it?

    My fear is that one day you'll throw your hands in the air and say it's not worth the hassle any more. Your work here has been so helpful for so many that I'd hate to see it all suffer.

  • cofty
    sometimes people maybe click the wrong button by mistake - Simon

    I just did that with the OP. oops

  • Onager

    Yep, I just came on here to click dislike on the OP's post as a joke, but it seems to have got rapidly serious so I'm going to just tiptoe out of here again...

    Shhh... nothing to see... forget...forget....

  • Caedes

    I didn't think you could even see who had liked or disliked a post anyway so how would you know?

  • 2+2=5
    Boy, that escalated quickly.

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