Survey: How long were you in the cult vs what year you were baptized

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    hey freek-----your photo looks good for a man of 75--whats your secret ?
  • ListlessWitness


    Baptised 1994

    Escaped 2014

    20 years

  • kairos




    24 years

  • jesscd

    1) were you raised as a JW, or did you convert?

    Raised (3rd generation)

    2) when were you baptized/started seriously being with the witnesses? (Date please, i.e. 1997)

    Started taking seriously being witness very young, but wasn't baptized until 1985 (a couple days after I turned 13).

    3) when did you leave/woke up completely? (date please, i.e. 2013)

    I was physically out - disfellowshipped in 2005, but wasn't completely mentally out until I started doing internet research when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2010.

  • pbrow

    1. born in

    2. july 1991

    3. december 2010

    Total years between baptism and da - 19 years + plus 14 years of missed opportunities as a child


  • eyeuse2badub

    1) raised

    2) 1959

    3) 2000

    just saying!


  • Phizzy

    Born In. (1950)

    Baptized 1962 (yup, at 12 years old !)

    Tried to take it seriously from age 20.

    Woke up fully and walked age 58.

  • Awake at last
    Awake at last

    Born in in 1962

    Baptised 1983

    Last meeting 2013

    So 30 years a Watchtower slave plus a wasted childhood

    Mr Awake at last

    Mother converted around 1967 when he was 10 turning 11

    He was baptised in 1972

    Last meeting 2013 His mother is still in as is youngest sister. Oldest sister was baptised and has now left with her husband and DF son, second youngest sister is DF and one daughter has left they were all baptised.

    The Internet played no part in us leaving, however it has played a major role in us learning TTATT.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    1.) I was six years old when my mother became a witness, I celebrated birthdays and holidays up to age 5

    2.) 1992 Age 15

    3.) 1996 Age 19

    4 years, I was never DF/DA.

  • Cadellin

    1) Raised

    2) 1980 (I was 15)

    3) 2005

    25 years, of which a significant amount was spent as either a reg or aux pioneer. The internet did play a role in my leaving, although perhaps not decisive, since many "wake-up" moment(s) occurred at the good ole fashioned library reading those weird pagey things. Nevertheless, coming across this site, as well as others discussing the UN NGO affiliation and evolution (specifically were also invaluable. I guess I should add, I accessed Ray Franz's CoC online as well and that really was a stunner.

    I'm so glad you are undertaking this data collection. Please share your results once you are done!

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