Survey: How long were you in the cult vs what year you were baptized

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  • done4good

    Raised in from 4 years old in 1977.

    Guilt and need for acceptance led to "making the truth my own", in 1988.

    I mentally woke up in late 2005, ( 10 years ago this month; Enough to know something was wrong, and decided to walk away to gain a broader perspective). After a short time away, I knew I was likely right about something being very wrong with the organization, as life improved immensely, and began heavy research. I was 100% mentally out after that in about a month, early in 2006.

    29 years all told.

    17 years of drinking kool-aid.

    4 months of detox.

    10 years later: Never been happier.


  • Garrett

    Not raised

    Baptized 2010

    Disassociated 2015

    Time in - 5 years

  • Helpmeimfadibg

    I was born in

    Baptized in 1995

    Woke up in 2015

    Was a witness for 20 years

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    1.Raised since age 5

    2. Baptized 1971, age 16

    3. Mentally out, physically out the end of 2011 when the article on 607 appeared in the 2 part WT series... 51 years a WT slave

    My husband

    1. Studied at 14, one of his family members started studying, he stopped, then started again, at 18

    2. Baptized, 1971 age 19

    3. Out in 2011, 40 years a WT slave (a pioneer, "need greater," M.S., Pioneer, K Hall builder..... many, many hours given)

    My kids:

    1. Born in

    2. Baptized 1983? (not sure, I think he was 16)

    3. Out in 2012, 35 years from birth to leaving

    (Our children left because of our research and talking to them. We also had many things happen to us that allowed us to see behind the curtain of the WT)

    1. Born in

    2. Baptized 1998? not sure 17 yrs old?

    3. Left 2012, 31 years from birth to leaving

    In law:

    1. Studied at age 16? 1994

    2. Baptized 1996? not sure

    3. Out in 2012 18 years in (this person definitely was helped by the internet, tho the actual leaving was due to our initializing/ talking to them)


    1. Age 4, mom started studying

    2. never baptized, always a "believer"

    3. Left the grip of WT in 2012 (with the aid of myself) 52 Years a WT slave.

    Both my husband & I left because we saw the WT lie. Like good JW's we made sure that we were not influenced by "outside materials" in our decision to leave.

    One of the first websites we found was THIS website, and everyone was talking about 607 at the time. I would say the internet provided a great support & comfort to us.

    We still would have left, but would not have had all the great resources benefiting from everyone else's hard work, long hours & research done. We are very thankful for this.

    All of us have benefited and used the internet intensely as we exited, it reinforced decisions, and helped overcome the mind control & indoctrinational damage the WT does to you.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    stan livedeath4 hours agohey freek-----your photo looks good for a man of 75--whats your secret ?

    Confidence in the end being ever so close -- that, and Miracle Wheat.
  • 3rdgen

    1: born in- 3rd gen

    2: publisher 1958 age 6 baptized 1964 age 12

    3: learned ttatt from the internet 2011

    I was serious from the time i became a publisher so i would count 53 years or 47 from baptism. Yup, wasted 3/4 of my life.

  • FreeFallin

    1. Converted

    2. Baptized 1981

    3. Woke up 2001 (Internet info about UN posted on this site)

    4. Still considered a witness, I think, even tho haven't attended a meeting for 15 freakin' years!!

  • tornapart

    1) Raised

    2) 1973

    3) 2011

    Time in: 38 years

    and yes if it wasn't for the internet.........who knows?

  • Lightgrowsbrighter

    1) Raised in (3rd gen)

    2) Baptized in 1982

    3) Faded in 2011

    Associated 46 years, baptized/in 29 years. I questioned many of the controlling policies from my teen years on. I really began to doubt the 'spirit directed' WT leadership in the mid 1990's with the whole 1914 generation re-definition. I was an elder and the WT conductor at the time and felt guilty teaching/preaching this reaching numerology. Stepped aside as an elder a couple of years later (the peer pressure was terrible), and finally completely left (no peer pressure now- I'm just an ignored 'apostate') as the control from the top became more pronounced. The internet helped, but Ray Franz's book "In Search of Christian Freedom", and Stephen Hassan's book "Freedom of Mind" confirmed to me that I had made the right choice to leave.

    I still miss the basic Christian association, as I still believe and am a Christian. But the controlling, works oriented, and Pharisaical mindset of most active JW's drives me away anytime I reconsider my decision. One more help for me as a 'lost sheep' has been the Beroean Pickets website. Good spiritual commentary and discussion without the dogmatic, controlling leadership.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Born In

    Baptized: 1966

    Start of Fade: 2012

    46 years a gullible fool


    IL-TTATT: This is a great thread. The graph is very revealing. The internet played a huge role for me(us) as it made it so easy to confirm all of the "rumors" about JWs.

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