Survey: How long were you in the cult vs what year you were baptized

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  • The Big Machine
    The Big Machine

    1) Raised

    2) Baptized: 2000

    3) I started waking up in 2003 but didn't actually leave until 2015.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Hi everyone:

    I spoke with a friend who's got a PhD in Economics and he told me that I need to make a "time to death" graph, it is done in hospitals for analysis of whether one treatment leads to less mortality or not, and it is used by engineers to determine time to failure, etc...

    So it can be applied here... the "time to failure" is the time from when you were baptized to when you came out. It can be compared between decades...

  • freddo

    1) Raised (aged 3 at parents first contact.)

    2) Baptised 1976

    3) Hard to be exact but completely mentally out by 2007 to 2010. Starting with one too many child abuse cases in 2007 and finishing with 2010 - the overlapping generations.

    I think that the ARC, donation reminders and David Splane's jwdotorg flipchart explanation of the overlap have now made me determined to fade out rather than stay in for family.

  • loneranger




    19 years

  • beth_

    sorry, posted in here already, de ja vu!

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    1) Were you raised as a JW, or did you convert?


    Still nominally a Witness. Left mentally in 2005.

    Fifty-seven years. [Yes, I’m older than dirt.]

  • alanv




  • Skedaddle

    1) Born-in/raised

    2) 1994 (Baptized aged 15yrs old but was born-in soo...)

    3) 1998 (I left in 1998 but wasn't fully mentally out until learning TTATT in 2008)

    4 years from Baptizm to leaving but 19 years from birth to leaving or 14 years from baptizm to learning TTATT or 30 years from birth to learning TTATT????

    (Sorry for all the info but it annoys me to write 4 years being a witness when really it destroyed 30 years of my life)

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat
    Some of my post was omitted. Haven't a clue why. Baptism in March 1948.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    1) raised

    2) 2001 (age 21)

    3) 2015

    14 years in by 'choice'

    36 years wasted :-/

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