Milton Henchel is dead

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  • amac

    Ok Mr. Wayne, whatever you say. I can see that intellect escapes you, so I won't disturb you anymore.


    A most unimpressive rebutal,at least your consistant....LOL!...OUTLAW

  • sf

    "... you don`t even know what your protecting,or why."

    I'd like to replace the 'you' with 'most' in the above sentence.

    OUTLAW, if 'most' did the exhaustive research and homework it takes to be 'enlightened' on the deep corruption the WTBTS/JWS are involved in, and have been involved in since it's "KON-KEPTION", 'most' would not be able to survive what 'most' go through upon discovering 'it'. It's pretty inKredible "schtuff", to say the least.

    I dig your passion though babe.

    Should come WITNESS how we smash the jws propoganda in yahoo chat sometime. hahahaha We are making excellent progress!!

    Take good care and Milty is finally out of the picture, so rest easy now. Ted won't get off (lololol) as easy. Unless he puts a bullet in his head first. He should have already had the smarts to do it. Yet, he keeps taking up space.

    IN DUE TIME!! lolololol


    "Well, there goes another German. That leaves a slot open for another Politically Correct Appointee. Let's see, we already have one Darkey (Samuel Herd.) We can't have too many black jellybeans. Let's go with an Eye-talian! Which Eye-talian has sold the most books? Joe Scaglione, the nomination goes to YOU! Welcome aboard."

    Uh-uh. They got no choice but to go with Asian or Latin surname. Both "markets" are critical to them in their current and deteriorating condition.


  • Valis

    It is safe to say that over the course of MH's life as a JW he held one thing to be true above all else. The concept that everyone else is going to die, except those that followed JWland till Jehover decided to visit again. This premise in itself is promoting the death of others, and if you take the blood business, dead JWs in countries where they were not welcome, dead jws otherwise, and dead us after Armageddon , equals a lifelong policy that embraced callousness and a lack of humanity. I doubt he would give two hoops in his current location for any of us, living, dying or dead.


    District Overbeer

  • hillary_step


    What is more important than all this, is how are you doing Mountain Man? Have not heard from you in quite a while.

    Best regards - HS


    Hey sKallyWagger,theres plenty of room for Ted Jackass in Rutherfords liquor cabinet..Thats where they store the dead GB,LOL!...OUTLAW A question for those who don`t think the GB are as bad as the Nazis....If the GB have their armageddon which they so desperatly want and support(read any WBTS publication),how many Jews will be alive at the end of Armagedon?..If you answered none,you are correct..The Nazi hololcaust will look like a picnic compared to what the GB of the WBTS supports....As far as the GB being compared to butchers..How many people do you need to knowingly kill to be a butcher,one,ten,a few hundred? The corrupt bastards are butchers,and thats a documented fact..Butchers in nice suits,who knowingly let dubs die..Why not?..A dead dub sells more magazines than any live dub ever could..Ching!!$$$$$...OUTLAW


    Hey hillary_step,I`m doing just fine bud..I`ll send you an E-mail in the next day or so,storys to tell,LOL!..My best to you and the Mrs...OUTLAW

  • hillary_step


    As you know I am obsessively interested in your I was actually asking after Beroea's health, another Mountain Man but from Alpine climbs.

    Anyway Outlaw, I am pleased that you are well. I guess Seattle is out of reach for you this weekend? I have an interesting gig set up.


  • MrMoe

    I started to read the thread and just got upset. I agree with Matty. You all making fun of a man who died is disgusting. Death is not to be mocked.

    I was a Jehovah's Witness. I had bible studies, all of us were. Who are you to judge another? Who are you to mock death of an old man? Disgusting. Those of you making and pokign fun, you should be ashamed. Maybe people will celebrate the day YOU die.

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