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  • jhine

    I answered a question on Quora about JW flip flops . I mentioned, amongst other things , the 1975 debacle. How Witnesses were told that Armageddon was coming in the fall of that year.

    Someone, presumably a JW , took issue with this and told me not to believe everything that l was told .

    Interestingly she didn't deny the flip flop over the cross or the worship of Jesus !!

    I know that some of you have copies of old WTs which clearly state that 1975 was THE year .

    Would some kind person please give me quotes with dates and issue numbers.

    Thanks Jan

  • Atlantis


    Sure, and there is hot coffee and rolls back in the breakroom. No problem!

    See if any of these will help and if not, we just keep on grabbing them until we get what you need.

    Cookie thief!

  • riblah

    There's an entire chapter in 'Crisis of Conscience' on 1975; maybe that would help.

  • nowwhat?

    I was 15 in 75. It was mostly pounded into our heads by the visiting CO talks, the circuit and district assemblies.

  • jhine

    Thanks everyone, l think that there is plenty there to prove my point.

    What flavour cookies ?


  • truth_b_known
  • JeffT

    I started studying with JW's right after I graduated from college in 1973. Everybody (and I mean everybody) was talking about 1975. What seems to be their common excuse for this is to blame it on the rank and file running ahead of the organization. Fine, make them show you where they chastised "the brothers" for making this up.

    They can't do it, because they were encouraging the talk, not trying to make people act sensibly.

  • Atlantis


    Chocolate Chip Cookies!

    This file folder has Watchtower's, Awake's, Talks, a letter ,etc, all concerning 1975.

    If you want the Flip Flop Book, just say the word. It has thousands of junk in there.

  • Earnest

    jhine : ... the 1975 debacle. How Witnesses were told that Armageddon was coming in the fall of that year.

    It would be more correct to say that they were told 6,000 years from man's creation would end in 1975, with the assumption that the millenium would start the following year. So, the various prophecies regarding the attack of Gog, the great tribulation and Armageddon would all have to happen before then. As the Bible does not specify how long these events would take they could occur at any time leading up to October 1975.

  • Atlantis

    Here you go, The Flip Flop Book! Containing 1,654 pages of Watchtower fruit-loop mentality. ( If you find a burger and fries in there, send those back!)

    Raiding the icebox!

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