Did man really go to the moon?

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  • UnshackleTheChains
    Look at all the technology we have today. Compare it to the technology of the 60s and 70s. Go figure!
  • JeffT

    Simple proof that we made it to the moon:

    The whole thing was driven by competition between the USSR and USA. The live TV shots originated on the moon. It would seem obvious that the Russians would have had a directional antenna pointed at the moon. If those TV images had not been transmitted from the moon, they would have screamed at the tops of their lungs. The fact that they didn't is proof we got there and have the TV pictures to prove it.

  • _Morpheus

    Along with you jeff, another simple proof is lunar ranging reflectors. But again, i feel dirty engaging these sorts of trolls but at least they acknowledge the moon is not flat :/

  • jp1692
    HB: I reckon we should be patient with newbies and tolerate a bit of oddness--we were duped once remember.

    It's good advice to be patient with people trying to sort things out after leaving a cult, but we do not need to be patient with those that do so rudely and act like petulant, ill-mannered children throwing tantrums because others disagree with them.

    Recently we've had a crop of newbies that say things like "do the research," but fail to give any credible evidence for their claims and rarely, if ever, respond to well-reasoned and sourced counterarguments.

  • pontoon

    Morpheus----good comment about engaging in these trolls, I feel the same, but if it has some comedic value and can give some of us a chuckle I'm all in.

  • freddo

    Not enough technology in the late 60's?

    So we had -

    Viable submarines enabling humans to routinely operate in an airless hostile (and high pressure) environment over 100 years ago.

    Flying the Atlantic just under 100 years ago.

    Rockets (V2) reaching altitudes in space and dropping 2000lb warheads on London from 200 miles away over 70 years ago.

    USSR reaching Earth Orbit 60 years ago.

    USSR/USA sending man into Earth orbit early 60's.

    Manned Moon landing 1969.

    What technology didn't mankind have?

  • jp1692

    It’s time to abandon the superstitions and pseudoscience. It’s time to grow up. - Barry Vacker

    Here's an interesting essay on the topic by Vacker:

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    "Governments are always lying about something. It’s obvious the US government is still lying about the Kennedy assassination".

  • poppers

    If it really was a hoax it would have been exposed almost immediately. With the tens of thousands of people who would have been participants in such a hoax it would have been impossible to keep all of them silent. Find one person who was a participant in the hoax who has come forth and spilled the beans. Plus, the Russians had a vested interest in getting there first; they undoubtedly would have provided actual proof that it didn't happen.

  • Saethydd

    Pfffft. You believe in the moon? You poor ignorant soul.

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