Did man really go to the moon?

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  • scratchme1010
    Did man really go to the moon?

    Yes. I myself have mooned quite a few people.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Venus said,

    Recent polls indicate that approximately 20% of Americans believe that the U.S. has never landed on the moon.

    That's interesting since about the same percentage of people in the USA also believe that God is soon to bring on Armageddon to destroy unbelievers.

    I wonder if they are the same 20%?

  • tiki

    And some believe there was no holocaust...no Nazi concentration camps...next thing they'll decide there was no JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald and that was another government hoax. Tell John Glenn there was no moon landing. Go inform NASA of their delusions.

  • EverApostate

    I have a christian relative of mine, who is highly educated, that doesn't believe the moon landings but in all honesty believes the Red sea parting, Jesus walking on water.....

    Next time she brings up this subject, I think I should involve more deeply with this.

  • sparky1

    Hey Atomant..........why don't you discuss your findings with Buzz Aldrin? Even though he is 87 years old, he would knock you flat on your ass for making such a stupid assertion. Look for the video on YouTube of Bart Sibrel telling Aldrin that the moon landing was a hoax. It is really quite funny when he punches Sibrel in the head.

  • punkofnice

    I remember an episode of Mythbusters where they showed why the moon landing was genuine.

  • mikeflood

    I saw Elvid yesterday....and he said to me: "I was visiting the moon for a couple of years".

  • dozy

    did technology really exist capable of ensuring safe transport of men to moon back in late 1960's?

    Yes. The USA put a vast amount of effort and money into delivering it. Given enough governmental support , almost infinite resources and brilliant people , it isn't exactly rocket science ( pun intended).

    where are photos of debris etc left behind on moon surface?..

    numerous pictures of lunar modules , tracks etc. Many taken by third parties and "competing" countries ( such as Russia, China ) etc. You can bounce a laser signal off the mirrors left on the moon.




  • ttdtt

    This site can get so discouraging.

    "Flat earth, moon hoax, Trump is great, evolution is fake, JW trolls..."

    It's like I am back in the kingdom hall again sometimes. :(

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    If you are a recently escaped ex-JW its hardly surprising to find such individuals trying to get some clarity on things. It's only by asking questions and by using non-JW research avenues that can clear the mental fog.

    I reckon we should be patient with newbies and tolerate a bit of oddness--we were duped once remember.

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