What's The STRANGEST Thing You've Seen At A Kingdom Hall?

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    The strangest thing I`ve seen at a Kingdom Hall? Everything they do is strange,LOL!..Singing tuneless songs(well most of them)..Wacked out extra long flamboyant prayers everybody wish`s would just end..Answering pre-written questions with pre-written answers,all supplyed by WBTS..A total lack of any freedom of speach,at any meeting..Dum-dums who are woken up by everyone clapping,so they start clapping too..The odd fist fight at the back of the parking lot..The secret inquistions in the back room of the Kingdom Hall basement..The clicks of good dubs who won`t associate with the not so good dubs at the end of the meeting..Little kids getting the crap beat out of them in the Kingdom Hall bathroom,because they acted up,are tired and should be in bed....Strange happens everyday at the Kingdom Hall,thats how dubs live...OUTLAW

  • LyinEyes

    Well said Outlaw.

  • Elsewhere

    Every hall I attended had problems with picking up CB transmissions. It never failed; the cause was always shoddy wiring.

    It seems like every hall has a wannabe electronics engineer who always does things half-ass and cuts every corner possible... and this guy is always given the responsibility to maintain the sound system.

    Once they tried to get me to take over this responsibility, but I declined after I realized why these other guys were the only one's willing to do it: When I asked for proper funding and proper equipment, I was scoffed at and told to find a way to do it on the cheep. I said "no way"... I was not about to take the fall when they system failed... which it did.

  • Tulsi Das
    Tulsi Das

    An elder walk in the hall, 60 seconds before the TMS started with a bottle of Miller High Life upturned & in the process of being drained. He used his one free hand to attach his clip-on tie. Then he dropped the empty bottle in a wastebasket, walked on to the stage, started the meeting then open with prayer.

    ( Years later he was DF'd - twice.)

  • sandy


    These are so funny everyone! I can't wait to hear more!

    I am trying to think og more myself, I know there has to be more. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM let me think....................

  • gitasatsangha
    The odd fist fight at the back of the parking lot..

    That happened to me and my brother in law once over some now almost forgotten incident. My then-wife drove in between us finally and I had an elder come to talk to me about love, a little later. Oh fond memories! It was like the Wild West.

  • sandy

    One time at a convention my sister and I were helping out preparing the lunches before the program started.

    We got to Dodger Stadium about 5:30 in the morning just to help out. We got our seats and went down to the help area, happy as can be. Then when we went back to our seats, where we left all of our books and sweaters on our chairs and found a family of 3 or 4 people in our seats.

    We stopped in our tracks and I said maybe we were sitting somewhere else. But then my sister looked under the seats and saw all of our things shoved way under the seats. LOL

    I have a really great sense of humor. Even at the time, though I was a little upset that someone would actually have the nerve to do this I still couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

    We called the attendants and they "politely" made them move their behinds outta' there.

  • praying_mantis

    *LMAO* Ok, these are hilarious. I have few to add. BTW...Sandy...I cant believe you told the attendants!!!! *LOL* Ok, we had a brother at our bookstudy who read. He was a notorious throat clearer. I distinctly remember him prounouncing "Salome" like "salami". One time, he had a cup of coffee at my sisters house. She likes it strong, and after he drank it, he said, "Wow, I feel like I just smoked a joint or something." At one District Convention, this guy walks in in a long trench coat, parades in front of the deaf section, whips off the coat, and..............no, he wasnt naked...........but had a shirt on that said "Na na naaaa to Jehovah." He was picked up and whipped outta there in no time, but not before he climbed the railings and shook them for a bit. Heh heh. One time, my mother commented and said that when Jesus died on the CROSS, he was a ransom for mankind. Old habits eh!!! *L* Finally, we had a power outtage during the public talk. At the EXACT same moment the lights went out, the speaker sneezed. Everyone was quiet, and he said, "Oh my...brothers? Sisters? I think I have gone blind. I cant see."

  • sandy


    I am not sure we told the attendant just to get our seats back. We were just a little uneasy about going to get our books fron under the family's legs. So we asked the attendant if he would do it for us.

    If I recall correctly we did first ask the father sitting in our seat for our stuff once we saw it there but he acted like he didn't know what we were talking about. What an A-Hole!! I still gotta laugh though.

    We did tell the attendant we were working and came back and they were in our seats so I guess he felt bad for us and decided to ask them to leave.

    I felt a little weird about kicking them out but the seats were rightfully ours.

  • JamesThomas
    At the EXACT same moment the lights went out, the speaker sneezed. Everyone was quiet, and he said, "Oh my...brothers? Sisters? I think I have gone blind. I cant see."

    LOL...you gota love that one. Is that really true?


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