What's The STRANGEST Thing You've Seen At A Kingdom Hall?

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  • Swan

    I saw a child's toy smurf running down the aisle and out the door, crying out in some loud demonic tongue as if it were in pain, when the brother on the podium spoke Jehovah's name.

    Just kidding.

    The strangest thing was when the loudspeakers started broadcasting CB chatter during the CO's talk. He was not pleased.


  • Gamaliel

    LOL at sandy's Trick or Treat story!!

    (Hey, did you know Russell died on Halloween, 1916 OoooOoooooOOooooh!!!)

    When I was a bit younger we used to catch crayfish (crawdads) and keep them in our aquarium for upwards of 30 days before their demise, and the curious simultaneous demise of Mollies, Neons, Guppies, etc. Well, based on this overwhelmingly successful survival rate, one of my friends at the KH wanted some for his aquarium, too.

    For some reason during the Circuit Overseers visit we used to switch the Book Study (normally Tuesday) with the TMS/Service Mtg (normally Thursday) so I brought the requested plastic bag of live crawdads in on Tuesday, but I didn't see my friend before the meeting. Naturally, I hid them behind the stack of unclaimed Bibles and songbooks in the coatroom and expected to tell my friend after the meeting.

    Well, my friend didn't show up, so I forgot about the poor suffocating crawdads in the plastic bag. By Saturday morning there is a meeting for field service. My father is there and the Circuit Overseer is there, and more elders than have ever shown up for Saturday service in six months. Having spent most of the summer week without air-conditioning (or any air, for that matter), my crawdads had already gone to crawdad heaven paradise. They were so ripe, in fact, that the Circuit Overseer was sniffing around everywhere trying to find the source. He engaged some other elders to join him in the hunt. He found them! My father, the PO at the time, said that if there had been a hole in the floor this big: ° he would have crawled in it.


    of the: The Hunt For Dead "Creek Odors" class

  • fraidycat9

    A large older sister sitting up front gets up during the meeting and goes to the restroom (talking to herself the whole time along the way). On her slow return trip, most of her skirt was tucked in her pantyhose, treating all in attendance to a view of undies that were in less than perfect condition. Three teenaged sisters in front of me burst out laughing. The one who regained composure first, walked up to her after she was seated and discreetly whispered in her ear; at which time the sister stood up again and treated all to a repeat when she attempted to rectify the situation. The poor young sister who told her could stand it no more and ran back to the rear of the hall laughing in pure hysterics!!! I had a hard time keeping it in myself and had to disguise my laugh as a cough!!! (as did many others!!).


    For me, it's when people who were asked to read from either the bible or Watchtower publication, and their enunciation of words, were horrendous, but with hilarious results.

    I still remember one meeting, where this one brother had to read from the publication, and he was notorious for not being able to pronounce certain words.

    I think the words were: hypocrite - he would say: HI-PO-SITE.

    The other: polygamy - this one killed everyone: POLLY-GAMMY

    The entire congregation was in stitches, including a MS that I really looked up to. He couldn't hold back, and let out with one huge burst of laughter, well...you know, laughter is contagious.

    That was pretty funny, just seeing everyone lighten up and laughing out loud...and snickering for minutes to follow.

    But nothing too dramatic.

  • minimus

    I remember CB's transmitting over the sound system in the Hall. A number of times, you'd hear people swearing and talking in a very nasty way....lol.....It probably was the demons trying to take control over the meetings.

  • moreisbetter


    Just aske anyone at the Beverly Hill Cong.

  • JH

    The strangest thing that I saw was people smiling and looking happy.

    That was because the meeting was over, and they were aloud to scram.

  • minimus

    I brought this out before. There was a blind elder in the circuit. He was a good speaker, I think. I'm not really sure because everytime he gave a public talk, he would have this big German Shepherd on the platform with him. I looked more at the dog than listen to the speaker.....btw, he was a good dog.

  • freedom96

    Nothing interesting ever happened in our hall. Same ol' crap every time.

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    This brother used to make comments that would make the watchtower conductor cringe. He always avoided calling on him but this sunday he took a chance. The subject was marriage and fidelity. The brother cleared his throat loudly in the mike and said, 'A man has to please his woman, he's gotta put on some Barry White, turn down the lights, get his mac on, you know, create the mood, that way she doesn't try and get some on the side' You couldn't hear a pin drop then a few of us (me included) burst into laughter. The conductor took several deep breaths before saying 'Next paragraph.'

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