What's The STRANGEST Thing You've Seen At A Kingdom Hall?

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  • minimus

    I saw a fight break out on the platform between an elder and a unbelieving husband who accused the elder of f---ing his wife. He then threw the lectern on the floor and pushed the elder. It was cool.......

  • TR


    That IS cool!

    A group of apostates disrupting a meeting would also be cool.

    Someone feigning a demon attack at the KH would be very interesting.


  • gitasatsangha

    I would have liked to have seen that.

    About the strangest thing I saw was an Elder with a monobrow who had serious issues.

    One night during a study of the Evolution book he demonstrated that he wass convinced that Humans and Pigs could produce offspring together. For some reason we went off a tangent on this at a bookstudy. He had a college degree so the R&F thought he was some sort of genius. Anyway this pompous ass starts saying there is a state statute that all children born of a union between pigs and humans had to be destroyed at birth. And he was very adamant that this was the proper thing to do.

    The REALLY wierd part was when a lot of people started nodding up and down. Damn Right! You cant suffer a pig baby in this neck of the woods! Finally some older sister said that in her apartment block a woman had given birth to a baby with the face of a big and that "people from the government" came and took it away. I could have stepped in for the sake of reason and science, but it was just too damn funny to interrupt. Finally my mother (YAY MOM!) stood up and told the elder she couldnt let that pass, and that it was just scientifically impossible. He gave her a condescending look and said "Well none of us can claim to know everything." Still, he felt that abominations like that would have to be destroyed.

    I remember the guy went to a costume party when he was younger and caused some sort of scandle because he dressed as a cowboy, but wore what appeared to be a real colt peacemaker on his belt.

    Later in his elder career he gave a long winded talkwhich kept referring to some bible verse which said something to the effect of a man "shall be made holy in his organism". This dude kept saying "Holy in his Orgasm" over and over again. No one ever told him any different, unless maybe his wife did.

  • TresHappy

    Never seen that good happen at a Kingdom Hall. I saw a fight break out at a convention one time between two sisters, but nothing happened. Darn...I always miss the good stuff.

  • minimus

    Therse are FUNNY!!!.....Keep 'em coming.

  • wednesday

    i saw a sis (bless her heart she couldn't help it) standing on a chair in the back room, and talking to the air vent. I believe she thought someone was in there. She also told everyone at the hall that someone broke into their home and stole her panties .

    A bro at our KH and i did not get along. He was talking to a group of people in the hall and making "unkind' remarks regarding me. I shot one or two back to him(something i don't generally do, but this guy deserved it). He got so upset, well , they had to restrain him and take him outside. And didn't that make me glad.

    Once when i was a child, i did see an apostate physically removed from an assembly. He started ranting during the talk and they "booted" him out. (almost literally, texas is tough)


  • sandy

    One Sunday morning at the beginning of the meeting, right after the song and prayer and I think right after the visiting brother was called up to the stage: this guy walks up the isle and hops on the stage (not using the steps) and goes to the speaker and says something like this:

    "I would appreciate it if you people would not hand out your books to my children while they are trick or treating. " Plus a few other words I am not sure of. He was very upset and raising his voice.

    Apparently somebody gave the little demons asking for candy a watchtower and awake. LOL Even back then I thought that was hilarious. A few of the brothers rushed up to the stage to escort him out.

    It was such perfect timing on the guy's part, weather planned or not. It took a few minutes for the elders and the rest of us to catch on that this guy was not the visiting speaker. He was even dressed in a suit and tie.

  • nilfun

    Breakdancing in the entryway of the hall.

  • sandy

    One more strange thing:

    This brother we'll call him brother bragger, comes into the hall one night and before the meeting starts, he starts passing out this sheet with a poem on it. Telling everyone that he wrote this song and he sent it to the society to try to get it published in the song book.

    Me and my brother just start laughing at him after he walked away. This guy was and probably still is a real weirdo!

    But who in there wasn't right? LOL

  • mattnoel

    A number of things, my hall was in a rough area.

    An intoxicated unbelieving husband who was absolutely enourmous, took about 4 bros to lock him down in the basement.

    Someone walking in on the middle of the public talk asking where two sisters were - also pissed.

    In the middle of a song that people didnt know a bible study shouted, can everyone sing up please.

    My Sister getting told off for pretending to shoot a kid in the hall by its parents

    Powercut in a hall with no windows or emergency lighting at night

    People singing the wrong song - I've done that one too !

    Someone taking pics of a friend doing a school assignment and putting them completely off it

    If I think of any more I will come back.

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