I believe in Evolution and that God created life

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  • Santa

    There is no evidence that evolution formed the first cell, all scientist agree on this, so does the Catholic Church which also believes in evolution. Do you understand that evolution is an ongoing process that is created by an evolutionary program running in the cell? Apparently not, but have no worries you will always be ignorant.

    Evolution is one function of life, so it can not have existed before life.

  • cofty
    Yes we don't know how the first cell formed but don't worry about that Evolution is FACT. - Hadriel

    Actually a group of scientists who specialise in the field of bioenergetics have laid out the entire process in detail and are working on proving each step in the laboratory. I am sure it will be resolved in our lifetime.

    Your god-of-the-gaps will then get even smaller.

    Evolution is a fact that is totally independent of the answer to abiogenesis.

  • HopeEverLasting
  • Simon

    Crabby + Santa - duplicate accounts are not allowed, you are typical theists: completely lacking honesty and imagining you are way cleverer than you actually are.

  • Vidqun

    You know Cofty, there’s a huge irony in all of this. One day you’re going to tell me: “Yes, Prof. So-and-so and Dr. So-and-so have have discovered the recipe for life. They have cobbled together the necessary ingredients and created life.” An yes, you can guess what my reaction would be: “That’s wonderful. So, Prof. So-and-so and Dr. So-and-so have at last succeeded in creating life in the lab. See, you need a creator to create life.” I know, I know, circular reasoning at its best. But don’t worry, time will tell. Of that I am certain. Hopefully these breakthroughs will come in our lifetime so that you can throw down the gauntlet yet again, and in my case (as a minority), running the gauntlet.

  • cofty

    Vidqun - Of course that will be your response and you will be wrong.

    Bioenergetics is about setting up the conditions that existed in the ancient environment of an alkaline vent and passively observing life emerge.

    It will prove that life is a process and not a "thing". It will show that your god is not the source of life.

    When it happens you and other theists will continue to sing "we can't hear you"

  • JRK

    Theists make my butthole twitch!


  • Vidqun

    JRK, I know, hard to reach sometimes. Why don't you ask somebody to scratch it for you?

    Cofty, seriously, spontaneous generation? Come on....

  • bohm

    Crabby = Santa makes sense.

    If you put them together you get "Crabby Santa", which is basically how I would describe the God of the old testament!

  • Viviane

    Wow, looks like an alliance between the trolls, the dishonest theists, the intellectually lazy and shit slingers is strong today.

    Oh, and Hadriel, since you asked used to say you don't know.... You don't know.

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