I believe in Evolution and that God created life

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Simon please limit or kick this troll.

  • Crabby

    Witness, is that an official JW attack on knowledge designed to keep your faithful ignorant? So that they can never know the truth?

  • Heaven

    LOL @ LUHE!

    Crabby said: Heaven, how is it possible for you to smell a flower and have that smell stored in your mind, then somehow pass that smell on to your child.

    Crabby, this is not an answer to my question.

    Now to answer your question. Simply put I have a nose, a mouth, a central nervous system, and a brain as does a child.

    Molecules released by various items enter through the nose as well as the mouth to the back of the throat, landing on tissue covered in mucus where millions of olfactory receptors or neurons bind with these specific odour molecules. Once this binding occurs, the receptors send their electrical impulses to a certain microregion, also known as the glomerulus (of which there are some 2,000 in the olfactory bulb), which then passes the electrical impulses along to other parts of the brain. The “odourant patterns” that are released from the glomerulus are interpreted in the brain as smell. This discovery is accredited to Richard Axel and Linda Buck, who won the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their work.

    Knowledge passed on to a child about a smell is done when a child smells something and asks the question "What is that smell?" with the result of someone answering their question. Google or a book may also provide the answer.

  • Crabby

    But the baby mouse is afraid of the smell of cherry blossoms without ever seeing one or even knowing it's parent. This question is not about how are odors processed. Memories are coded in the sperm and or egg, no one knows how this happens, your attempt at explaining the question makes you look less than adult.


  • HopeEverLasting

    Crabby you are 100% correct. Who else could have made that? These atheists be thinking that complex stuff like memory and the earth came from gravity. Like who made gravity? Was it nothing? But who created the nothing which is actually something?

  • Crabby

    I stick to what I can see, and believe that there is no evidence that the universe was made. Though the question is important.

    Who made Hawaii? No one, it was made by pressure in the Earth.

    It's funny as hell when JW's get frustrated and start babbling as though the ignorant people that belong to their religion can think in the first lace.

  • cofty
    hydrothemal vents are very inhospitable places, perhaps some of the most inhospitable places on earth - Vidqun

    Actually they are teeming with life. But I'm not talking about black smokers with their extremes of temperature where thermophilic archaea and giant worms live. I'm talking about alkaline vents where the temperature is perfect for life.

    A hydrothermal vent with all its chemical components (devoid of living organisms) could then be replicated in a laboratory environment.

    Actually that is really difficult. The bottom of the ocean is a strange world with extreme pressures. The labyrinth of micro pores inside an alkaline vent with cells just fractions of a micron across is not easy to replicate. Remember too that the early oceans had no oxygen. But there are a number of labs working on it right now and the results are very promising. I will describe some of the chemical reactions that have been achieved in another thread.

    I guarantee a similar result as with the "primordial soup" experiments. After manipulating their soupy concoction in all kinds of ways, they would send lightning bolts through it. However, it remained dead.

    I totally agree. Organic soup is a non-starter. It is a thermodynamic dead-end. The early experiments failed to explain where the energy flux was coming from. Alkaline vents explains this perfectly and in fastidious detail. No lightning bolts required - no lightning bolts available at the bottom of the ocean!

    still a long way from living cells

    Yes there is a very long journey to the first cell but every step is being investigated. Nick Lane lays out the whole pathway in his latest book and shows how it could arise from nothing but carbon, hydrogen and rock in a hydrothermal vent.

    I cannot go along with such a theory,

    Fortunately the scientific community don't waste too much time worrying whether or not Vidqun will buy it. They are doing the hard work in labs all around the world. When it happens all you will want to talk about is cosmology.

  • Santa

    So you want a chemistry set for Christmas............excellent I give out a lot of those.

  • Hadriel

    I read @cofty pretty well let me translate this statement:

    Yes there is a very long journey to the first cell but every step is being investigated.

    Yes we don't know how the first cell formed but don't worry about that Evolution is FACT.

  • HopeEverLasting

    You are a sheeple.

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