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  • berylblue
    The pathology needed to make this statement is frightening

    Big Tex, I gotta tell you....I just admire you to death, and have much affection for you. You are, in my humble opinion, perhaps one of this boards most under rated posters. Nothing grandiose about you, but you are dead on in your assessments most of the time. Plus....you have a heart, and you are not afraid to let it show.


    I've posted this before, so please bear with me if you've already been bored with this one.


    All the applauding when the "evil, wicked ones" bit the dust truly nauseated my daughters and myself. Had the applause been merely "polite", it wouldn't have offended me so much. But the applauding was passionate, almost exhuberant. My daughters and I always declined to applaud. We would look at one another with genuine bewilderment and pain and quietly cast disapproving looks at our "sisters". Of course, no one noticed, since they were too caught up in the passion of revelry at the destruction of fellow humans.

    I guess I never did quite fit in.


  • Far North
    Far North

    As a youngster the pictures in the old Paradise Lost book were enough to conjure up all types of images to scare the hell out of a little kid! Later on when I was at Bethel I thought," I hope the new system isn't going to be one big Bethel with forms to fill out and bells and long lists of rules". Tonight we have 37 letter from the big boys to read.

    Can you imagine having to take orders from your book study conductor for about 100 years? What if he's an idiot? Stack those bricks up yourself!

    What if the only buildings left standing are mobile home parks?

    I'd get busted for hording beer and watching Green Bay Packer game tapes. Another 100 years and I know they could have made it to the Super Bowl again!

    No cable T.V., no competitive sports. To bad, I bet the Philistines could kick the Macedonians butts in soccer!

    Now that we don't have to work secularly we can have meetings every night!

    "Let's turn to song 1027, 'I Can't Believe I Actually Made It". Don't forget the chorus, "We can't believe it either".

    When I went to Bethel they had a practice of giving you a job exactly opposite of what your skills were to keep you humble and encourage you not to make suggestions. What job are you going to get! Bet the Elders get all the gravy jobs.

    If you initiated a 100 year life-saving campaign and when it came down to it you only helped save less than 1/10th of 1%, how succesful would you feel? It don't matter cuz I made it! To bad about my kids.

    Paradise, after about 10 minutes of looking at the bird on my finger i'd say, "Damn, i'm bored!

  • cat1759

    Far North,

    Your story is funny. When you think about it seems so sad to think of a system like that. What you actually would have to give up to be there and what you actually get in return.

    I do hope when the end comes that at least one of the remaining ones has some pot seeds in his pocket. We think hell is right now on earth when actually it would be on the other side.

    The realism is laughable. The truth really does hurt!


  • berylblue
    I do hope when the end comes that at least one of the remaining ones has some pot seeds in his pocket.


  • berylblue

    You know, for all the years I was a JW, I never once thought about the houses left remaining, much less going to live in one and removing the family treasures from within. That is sick, sick, sick.

    As a matter of fact, I never did think about the New System, because I knew I wouldn't be there. Seems I was right...

    Also, I do remember women talking about going into Wanamakers and getting dresses after the Big A. Women who, by the way, wouldn't know Chanel from Jaclyn Smith or Prada from All That Jazz. I pictured myself on the scene, and knew right away what I would do...trained from infancy to put others first, I knew I'd just let everyone take everything she wanted and be content with what I had. I knew that others would neither notice nor care. But Jehovah would. He'd reward my lack of greed. With what, damned if I knew.....But surely he would. Good people get rewarded, right?

    These "rewards"? The "rewards" for a lifetime of putting others first? They ain't never coming.

    Time for me to stop looking for them.

  • crownboy

    Still funny/ disturbing after all these years. Shows the weirdness of the JW mindset.

  • LongHairGal


    You are so right. Everything in our society today relies upon technology in one way or another. Even the simplest item is the result of one or more industries. That means no sanitation, antibiotics, detergent or anything for that matter. How about running water?

    JWs just don't think or analyze anything! If everything is to be wiped out like they think it will, they will be scrounging around starving among smoking, toxic ruins!! If you ever saw one of those programs about 'life after people' it shows how the earth would end up poisoned in a relatively short time by abandoned nuclear power plants and the like. Also, they will have a problem with the roving wild dogs that will need to be shot. That means somebody needs to carry firearms. This all sounds like a nightmare to me.

    See how unreal and unworkable their fantasy is once you analyze it?

  • clarity

    So.........who wants to live in the new world??????????hahaha

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