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    Mike K.


    Saw the story below on a pro JW forum. Quite an interesting read and I think it quite well captures the JW mindset. From a non JW perspective it strikes me as rather bizzare, and a bit scary though. Give it a read and see what you think. Here we have some words of appreciation (just to wet your appetite) from the same board:

    "Great story ..."

    "We should all try to keep this picture alive inside us"

    "WOW!! "

    "Truly beautiful"

    "It did make me sob, but for at least it was joy!"

    "All I can say is WOW"

    "It's over!" Don said, "it's over!" "We're alive!" I said, "we're alive!" He grabbed me and hugged me and we danced in circles at the same time. Don was one of our older elders. "I've never felt so alive" he said. Everybody was doing the same thing, hugging and dancing in circles. "Did you ever think Armageddon was going to be like that?" my good friend, Tanny, said with tears streaming down her face. "Awesome" I tried to say, choking on the lump in my throat, "Just awesome". "Just look at that sun", she said, looking up and shielding her eyes somewhat with her palm. "It's back to normal. Isn't it wonderful?" she added.

    There were now about 35 from our congregation there in the Kingdom Hall parking lot. Every one was running around grabbing each other and hugging and jumping and laughing and crying and shouting. Some would throw their hands up in the air and look up and say, "Oh thank you, Jehovah, thank you, thank you". Others would drop on their knees, clasp their hands in front of their face and sit there on the hard ground with their eyes tightly squeezed shut, in heart-felt prayer. Some were squeezing their children again and again. The brothers from the Spanish congregation were there too. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but it was evident that this day for them was everything that it was for us.

    We had been doing this for hours. "Look, another car!" someone said. We all stopped and stared in silence like we did every time. I couldn't hear anything but my heart pounding. We watched. It was a late model Ford. It looked in pretty good shape compared to a lot of them. Everybody had parked in the street this way and that way. Some left the doors open and just ran. "Who is it?" Tammy, my wife, said, as she tugged on my arm. "Jerry and Kay", all of us shouted at once. "It's Jerry and Kay". They came running into the parking lot with this whole crowd of people running at them. And the hugging and dancing and laughing and crying started all over again.

    This same thing happened over and over. All day long. But, those who came that day were the ones who always came. We kept looking in anticipation as to who we would see next. But they were the ones we would always see at every meeting. "Isn't this something?", One sister, Cindy, said to me. "Is that all you can say?" I quipped back at her, "Well, isn't it?" she said as she grabbed both of my arms just above the elbows and stared into my eyes with a pristine expression. "Yes it is, it sure is something", I said with a loud laugh. "And those birds", I added, "Just listen to those birds! Have you ever seen so many birds?" We all hugged again.

    Jerry was a soft spoken brother who was always thinking ahead. He came up to me and said with sparkling eyes, "What does the inside of the Hall look like? It is sure nice to see it not boarded up any more. Do you think we should start cleaning it?". We thought we would get inside eventually and sit down. We thought maybe we would have some kind of meeting and talk about what we were going to do next. But we didn't. Not that day we didn't.

    About noon we realized that we were getting hungry. The elders appointed groups to go out and find supplies. The sisters thought it would be real fun to go shopping, but it was mostly brothers who went. After a while they started coming back. Two brothers returned with huge motor homes and one with a big travel trailer and a generator. One group brought china and silverware. A lot of it was real fine china, and even some real silver. One group brought tables, and the rest brought food and drink. We had lots of food, all kinds of stuff. One brother, Patrick, came driving in the parking lot in a police car with the lights and siren going. He had it stuffed with cases of wine and coffee. And in the trunk was a large espresso coffee machine.

    Every one pitched in with food preparation and soon dinner was ready. Parl, our presiding overseer led us in a long prayer and we began to eat. We thought we could maybe start to settle down a little, but we weren't prepared for what happened next.

    "I think I'm too excited to eat" I said to Bob, one of our elders, as we stood looking at each other with our plates in our hands. "I know what you mean," he said, looking down at his food and licking his lips, "I am never 'too anything' to eat, but I'm real close". I had my back to the street. Bob was looking over my shoulder. I saw his mouth drop open. His eyes popped out and he dropped his plate and just stood there. I turned around and there, coming into the lot, was Brother Brody, the brother that had helped more people into the truth than anyone I know, and from his wheelchair at that.

    Now, he didn't drive to the kingdom Hall. He didn't walk. He didn't run either. He was skipping! Like a little kid, he was skipping and chuckling. He had a smile so big I thought the corners of his mouth were going to get caught on his ears. The sisters shrieked and shrieked with excitement. The brothers mostly stood there laughing and wagging their heads, and pointing. I think a lot of tears were dripping into a lot of food about then.

    Towards the end of the day a brother came from the next congregation to ours. He brought a 2-way radio and we talked to four different congregations that first day and we made plans to meet the next day at the assembly Hall. We heard that one brother had contacted Patterson by ham radio but nobody knew any more than that.

    That night we built a campfire right there in the parking lot. I was standing there by the crackling fire watching the shadows and the fire light dancing on all the smiling faces. Jerry turned to me and said thoughtfully, "What are you thinking about, my brother?". "Life" I said, "Life just seems so delicious!". We played kingdom songs on the stereos in the motor homes with speakers outside and we all sang song after song and each stood up and told his story of how Jehovah had saved them. That is when it happened ... what everyone alive on earth that day will remember forever and ever.

    There was a swirling warm breeze that seemed to engulf us. And who could ever forget that enormous pillar of fire up in the sky slowly spinning around. Tongues of fire kept departing from it in a circular motion as it turned and showered down in all directions. We all sat there transfixed in amazement as some of those tongues of fire came right toward us and were distributed around to each one of us. Then there was that thundering, resonant voice from the heavens. You could feel it reverberating right through you, but we wern't afraid. There was a calm that settled down over all of us. The voice said, "YOU ARE MY FAITHFUL WITNESSES AND I AM JEHOVAH. I WILL POUR OUT MY BLESSINGS UPON YOU BEYOND WHAT YOU CAN DREAM."

    Carlos, a brother from the Spanish congregation, stood up and raised his palms as high as he could and said, "Praise be to Jehovah, we will serve him forever". And he began relating prophecies that we had all just seen fulfilled. I ran over to him and said, "Carlos, Carlos my brother, how is it that I can understand what you are saying?" "I don't know" he said, "How is it that I can understand you?" Then all the brothers and sisters from the Spanish congregation came running over and started hugging all of us and we all were hugging each one of them. And we, all at once, were talking and talking and talking. And many were praising Jehovah for his wonderful unifying gift.

    We had gone to neighboring houses to find stuff to burn in our fire. It seemed funny going up to those vacant houses. We didn't knock. We would just open the door and say "Oh, 'I'm not interested', You say? You have your own religion? Too bad, too bad, you great city, for in one hour your judgement came." We even brought back a couple of signs for the fire. One said, "No peddlers or agents". And one said "Beware of dog." We laughed long and hard as we piched them into the fire.

    We kept celebrating into the wee hours of the night. Nobody wanted to go home even if they had one. This seemed more like our home, and more like our family, than ever before. Finally, towards morning many of the friends started falling asleep.

    I walked over to Don who was still wide awake. I said, "Don, do you think the Israelites were this happy after they crossed the Red Sea?" He looked at me thoughtfully as he ran his hand through his silver hair. But his hair didn't look so silver to me. I thought maybe it was the golden light from the fire. He said, "Happy? I'm sure they were. But I don't think any human ever felt like every one of Jehovah's people do this day. You know", he said, "I will always remember this as "Day One" of forever!"

    Regards, Mike

  • Gopher

    Welcome to the board, Mike!

    This story has been posted before on the board, but that's okay -- it's worth repeating. It shows the DELUSIONAL mindset of JW's, and the sick way that they view outsiders. That part about going up to empty houses and mocking them for saying "not interested" -- how twisted is that?

    Also interesting is that they're using cars after the end of the old system. I wonder how long the gas supply would last, seeing that all of Satan's oil conglomerates are out of business. Oh, never mind -- Jehovah will miraculously keep the cars filled with gasoline. After all it's their dream, no inconveniences are allowed.

    This whole story seems like it springs from the heart of a group of people who KNOW they are unliked and so they fill the story with revenge against all outsiders.

    What fantasy -- "we Jehovah's Witnesses will rule the world, free from all our old enemies". Almost sounds like what the Nazis said in Germany about themselves, prior to WW2.

  • pr_capone

    Welcome to the board Mike!

    :puke: on that story

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • joenobody

    Gee ain't that a sweet story... may I present to you Day Two.

    I slowly stirred from my restful sleep as the sun hit my eyes early morning. Most of the brothers and sisters had fallen asleep and crashed on the lawn of the Kingdom Hall in the revelry of last night. The joy felt from that moment left me absolutely exhausted and spent. Paradise was now upon and our place in history firmly established as survivors of Armageddon.

    As my eyes adjusted, my ears became attuned to the cacaphonous din of thousands of birds cackling. As I brought myself up on my elbows to look around I became aware of the hordes of birds cackling and fighting over some bodies about a half mile away. My nose next twitched as a powerful stench filled my lungs - a very particular smell of burnt human flesh. Overwhelmed, I rolled over to my side and heaved the contents of last nights revelry onto the ground beside me.

    I started to head towards a group of friends who were already up and congregating together. Sister Pious Pioneer was chatting with Parl's wife June, the PO's wife.

    "Haven't seen Mark & Corrine Inactive around yet. I can't say I am surprised. I won't miss going out in field service with those whining kids of theirs in tow. They really weren't very spritual now were they." opined Sister Pious.

    "I hear you. They really weren't doing all they could. I am pretty sure Corrine used that whole depression thing as a crutch" chirped June. "On another note, Parl says we'll be using one of those nice houses in Snob Hill neighbourhood to live in to start with. You know, it's good for a home base for all of the work Parl will be doing with other congregation overseers to organize the cleanup work. I've got just the place that I've had my eye on for years with beautiful bay windows and the most wonderful garden."

    I headed over to another group who were eating some of the left over food from the night before. A call went out amongst the brothers from Elder Hardass.


    "Brothers! Can I have your attention please brothers!" he bellowed.

    He went on to direct us to gather in our bookstudy groups for work detail. Boy! They weren't wasting any time! As we gathered together our conductor told us we would be piling up the dead bodies near where the birds were for a major bonfire. I choked at the prospect, but remembered that this was Paradise and we would be doing some cleanup.

    We were lead to the site of most of the bodies from a neighbouring apartment complex. The putrid stench made several gag and unload their stomachs as I had earlier. The conductor quickly organized us much the same way he might if we were going door-to-door in field service. In fact, I can remember having worked this very complex the week before! After he had given us our assignments (I was to work from the top of the building down) he took me aside and asked me to supervise the goings on.

    "But where are you off to Brother SuperfineElder?" I queired.

    "Oh... Elder's meeting. There's alot of organization to be done." he responded as he hustled back to the Hall.

    After hours of burning eyes, and filthy lungs, I had completed tossing out bodies from the top floor to the ground where they were piled into a rising heap of arms, legs, heads and unidentifiable burnt body parts. When I tackled apartment 9A, I was shocked to find a good friend from high school, Janey Highmarks who was a model student, involved in many social causes and very moral. I always thought she would have made a great Witness but that she was obviously misguided. I had to clean out the crib where her first born child was laying having been vapourized or very nearly at least. As I picked up the baby, entrails from a split abdomen spilt everywhere. I was ill to my stomach for the third time before noon.

    I hadn't built up much of an appetite for lunch, but my stomach was emptied and at least needed to be filled. I gathered with the rest of the brothers and sisters back at the hall. I couldn't help but notice how clean the elders clothing was and how many of the elder's wives had received the job of preparing the meal for the workers. But I quickly caught my self and remembered that Jehovah has his arrangements and I was but a cog in them.

    As I munched on my meal, I was approached by Brother Hardass. Sure he was tough before Armageddon, but it was only because of his zeal and his strong desire to see an end of the old system. I knew he was probably one of the happiest brothers to have seen this day finally. I was ready to greet him and really find out about this man who was previously so hard to know.

    "Hi Brother Hardass!" I warmly greeted him.

    "Hi Mike." he replied without emotion.

    "I can't really believe it's here, can you?".

    "No, no I can't either Mike. Say Mike, there was something I wanted to talk to you about" he started.

    A new work assignment perhaps? Special privileges? Commendation?

    "Mike, last night when Brother Jerry brought out the wine, I couldn't help but notice that you had alot to drink last night." he said.

    "Probably true... boy what a night of celebration, wasn't it?" I replied, not sure where he was going with it.

    "Mike, I'd like you to meet with some of the other elders to discuss your drunken state last night. I was told by some that they were stumbled by your overindulgence. You do know Mike that Jehovah hates a drunkard?"

    Stunned I stumbled out a reply, "Yes, but... but, it was... first day after... everyone was so happy..."

    I trailed off in disbelief...

  • pr_capone

    LOL @ Joe

    Great story mang! Ever consider writing profesionaly? You work well with satire!

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • gitasatsangha

    lol Joe. Keep us posted with Day Three. Maybe throw in that cool RV from Damnation Alley.

  • joenobody

    Thank you, thank you... If there is enough demand I will write Day Three. I enjoy writing and esp. satire. The stuff written by original author "Mark" and Day one was almost too easy a mark itself.

  • xjw_b12

    Welcome to the board Mike K.

    Yeah I read that story, when it was first posted a few weeks ago .

    Good 2nd chapter joenobody. We seem to have some really budding novelists, here lately. First the romance novel by treshappy, and now a fantasy story.

  • email

    Welcome to the board Mark!!

    LMAO @ Joe... that was good brudda... lol

  • LB

    I think day 2 sounds a lot closer to the reality of the Borg.

    I've seen different versions of Day 1. But they were all disturbing.

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