JW story about the day after...

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    gitas...since they will be having to fill the earth and multiply, I don't think this will matter.

    Plus, leaves are supposed to work well. Or even pine cones. I believe I read this on Martha Stewart's web page....

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    Hi Jonobody! (hope I got your name right)

    How about as the ending: the realization that they were actually in hell. Their fate for eternity was to burn all the emptied bodies, their souls had gone to heaven.


    Lets get this straight...Everyone is hip deep in dead bodies..There`s no one left but JW`s,and the organization that supported this evil is now running the planet..This is the first day of JW paradise??...Bloodthirsty,mindless lunatics,LOL!...OUTLAW

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    You notice in the pics of the ressurection and so forth everything is already squeaky clean and the lions are chilling out w/the lambs...*LOL* dubbies can't even keep their own version of Armageddon straight.. One wonders whether or not someone writing that just uses it as some freaky coping mechanism to handle believing in a lie their whole lives..


    District Overbeer

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    The source for that story on the pro-JW board (purelanguage) is interesting.


    Of course, Mark may not be aware that things would "probably not" work out in such an idealistic way! Perhaps more likely is the following scenario, presented by a former JW who is very familiar with the day-to-day peculiarities of life in the already existing New World Society!

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    The alternate version from FreeMinds

    Paradise to Come

    expected quality of life in the
    New Worl
    d Society
    of Jeh
    ovah's Witnesses
    Note: Jehovah's Witnesses love to dream about what life will be like in their "New Order." Here is an alternate scenario, presented by a former JW (Chuck Doherty) who is very familiar with the day-to-day peculiarities of life in the already existing New World Society!

    Day 1

    Once we figured out that we were alive and that everyone else was dead, we danced and celebrated for a while, but the Elders soon put a stop to that. They explained that this behavior was inappropriate, and one even suggested that t it might stumble someone, until it was pointed out that there was no one left alive to stumble. Still, we wanted to do what the Elders said, so that we were in full obedience to the new system. We knew that all of eternity lay before us, and that it this Earth was ours at last.

    Day 2

    We noticed that a few people from the congregation did not show up as expected, so we assume that they were secret sinners, and got killed as they should have. One brother did show up the second day because he spent the first day checking on his family, and I felt kind of funny about speculating about why he got killed when it turned out he didn't after all.

    The Elders from the congregation have been in big meeting all day, and said they would let us know what was going on when they were finished. We kept busy looking around through the rich people's houses up on Oak Hill, and driving around in their expensive cars. I found the house of a rich person who must have been about my size, so I took some of his clothes to wear until we could get down to the mall and do some serious 'shopping' This guy had a big swing set in his back yard, and the house was full of toys, so I guess he had a bunch of kids. If he really loved his kids, he would have taken them to the Kingdom Hall, and they would be alive now, instead of dead like they deserved.

    After their meeting, the elders announced that we should begin immediately to purge what remained of the old world and its influences, and told us to organize a committee to go from building to building and destroy any bad influences, especially the music and books from the old system. There was so much to destroy that we though it best simply to burn all the libraries, shopping centers, and warehouses. I was assigned to the team that burned the City Center Mall and the main branch of the library that night. It was fun at first, but it became work after a while, especially at the library where we had to pile up the books so they would all burn. We joined hands and sang Kingdom Songs around the book fires, giving thanks for what had been given to us.

    Day 3

    We set up an old college dormitory to stay in so we could all be together until we get things sorted out. Women stayed at one side of the building, men at the other, and married couples in between. The married couples took turns standing watch at night. It took us a while to clean the place up, and get rid of all the filthy art and worldly books that seemed to be everywhere. After we sprayed all the walls with a nice coat of ivory paint, it looked very pretty.

    Day 5

    More Elder meetings. They asked us to turn in our Bibles for now, since it was written for the old system, and that we could expect a new guidebook to be provided soon.

    Week 2

    The generators ran out of gas today, so a few of us set out to find some place where we could get more fuel. It was harder than I thought it would be to find any, because none of the gas pumps at the stations would work without electricity, and we didn't have electricity without the generators running. My friend Tony decided that the best way to get gas way to bash a hole in the side of one of those big tanks down by the waterfront, and catch as much gas as we needed in a bucket. The first tank we opened had diesel or something in it, so we just let that drain off into the water until somebody can get down there and patch it up. We are sure Jehovah has some system in place for cleaning up the water, so we don't have to worry about pollution any more

    The elders had to give some sister from the Women's Complex a caning after her floor leader reported that she questioned the new dress regulations. Jehovah's mercy must never be taken for granted, we told her, and she seemed to take her punishment in the proper spirit.

    Another brother was caned for eating some burgers he found in a working freezer. He thought they would go bad anyway, but that's not the point; we must obey the new dietary regulations if we are to prosper in this new system.

    Week 3

    During a routine house inspection by the elders, a brother was caught hoarding some old-system music. During his questioning he said he thought that classical music was not sinful, but the elders said that not knowing the rules was another sin! They confiscated and destroyed the music, and assigned the brother to punishment detail and a mild caning, since it was his first offense, and he was fairly old.

    During their nightly conference, the elders appointed Brother Conners as out regional overseer, with the clear understanding that he would step aside as soon as we received further instructions from Brooklyn. Brother Conners asked us to address him as Leader Conners (or just High Leader) to avoid confusion with the other brothers, and moved into one of the larger houses on Campus to be more accessible to all who may need to contact him. A few brothers were assigned to help Leader Connors out with day-to-day tasks, so he was able to devote more time to establishing the new society. To help make them easier for us to identify, these brothers started wearing tan shirts with gold braid on the sleeves.

    During his weekly address to the New Brotherhood (as we are now called), High Leader told us to be wary of contact with any brothers and sisters that we did not know, until we were sure that they were being as vigilant as we were in regards to keeping our new civilization pure. We set up a system using walkie

    talkies to keep our area secure, since we could not be absolutely sure that all worldly people had died, and that some might still be alive and trying to overthrow the Theocracy. High Leader Conners allowed those of us on Perimeter Detail to carry guns, since some of the wild animals might not yet have gotten "reeducated" yet. We also set up a Theocratic Warfare Target Range, where we could practice shooting. We used pictures of evil people from the old system for targets; it was cool!

    Week 4

    I have been assigned to security detail at the Welcoming Center, which is in the building just this side of the bridge leading from the old city. We covered the security building with bushes and camouflage so that any Worlders who try sneaking in will not see us, and we can get the jump on them. During my first week there, we were forced to shoot one worldly person who came into our zone, but only after making very sure that he was indeed worldly. We made up this test where we asked him about the daily text from the day before the Tribulation began, and he said he "could not remember it" Yea, sure. My zone supervisor said that it did not matter if we made a mistake anyway, since Jehovah could just resurrect him if he was OK, and then we would just apologize for the mistake.

    High Leader mentioned our actions during his nightly address, and said that it was a "fine example of Theocratic Diligence." Tony teased me because High Leader pronounced my name wrong, even though he was in my congregation in the old system.

    Week 5

    A car drove up to the welcoming center last night, with some brothers who said they were from Bethel. We escorted them into the Administrative Security Complex, where they will stay until High Leader can see them. If they are REALLY from Brooklyn, and not impostors, I am sure that High Leader will do as they ask, and Jehovah's blessing will be upon us.

    Week 6

    Still no work from High Leader about the visitors from Brooklyn, so I guess they were not really from there. Their car was moved around to the back of the Administrative Security building, but I haven't seen any of them since.

    Week 7

    My friend Tony was playing around with this race car he found, when the gas tank blew up and burned him real bad. None of us had any idea what to do, since we all thought that we couldn't even get hurt any more. So, one of High Leader's Attendants decided that the best thing to do was just kill Tony, and let Jehovah resurrect him in better shape. I didn't know what to say, but the Attendant went ahead and shot Tony, and then they took his body back to the compound where it will probably get resurrected in a day or two.

    Week 9

    We are still waiting for the resurrected people to show up, but High Leader tells us that they will be here shortly. High Leader also said that he will begin assigning permanent housing soon, so we can move out of the dorm rooms.

    Week 10

    I can't believe what happened today! One of my buddies from work got hauled off to AdComm today. hey said he was practicing OldThink, and would be counseled. Anybody that ever goes for counseling is never seen again, but the brothers told us it is because they are reassigned to another area.

    High Leader introduced the language guidelines today. Since there are so many people who speak lousy English, and it's real hard to understand them, he decided to make English mandatory for everybody. He also introduced the Book of Approved Words, which his MS staff has been working on for a few weeks. The idea is to get rid of all unnecessary or confusing words, and make speaking easier and more Theocratic. Did you know how many extra words there are for "good"? Tons! From now on, if we want to that something is good, we just say it is good; simple as that. We have a month to submit any suggestions for words that should be included in the Word Book, and after that we will receive a reproof point every time we use a non-good word. We should all be using only TheoTalk from now on.

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    The only example of how the witnesses will distribute homes/accomidations is the district conventions. The elders who organize it will get first dibs (the know the date first and can make the call to reserve the best hotels). Then the rest will be first come, first serve. All the good homes will already be taken. There won't be any elderly people or sick, so single people who don't have to lug around kids will then get the next best homes, and finally the people with kids will probably get the homes next the the piles of burning bodies, kept awake by the constant bird chirping....

    Like the rest of you, this story made me sick...

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    I vote for freaky coping mechanism. ROTFL about pine cones! Ouch! Martha Stewart, you first!

  • Mike K.
    Mike K.

    Hmm, that's interesting, that this Mark fellow seems to be the original author. The guy over at purelanguage, KeysDAN (a.k.a. Daniel G [http://hometown.aol.com/keysdan/myhomepage/profile.html]), is taking all the cred for the story, acting as he made up the darn thing. I don't know, maybe he's doing it to "score" with the lonely witness ladies, having them think that he's some kinda novelist, all sensitive and stuff.

    Check the comments by some of the ladies:

    I just read this thread - pass the kleenex this way please, Truly beautiful Dan.

    Awww!! Thanks Dan, you big guy you!! sniff, sniff

    This is one of the last things I will read before I go to bed tonight - after midnight, as usual. Thanks, Dan, so very much!

    Regards, Mike

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    Somehow this reminds me of that wonderfully camp movie, "Night of the Comet." Without the flesh-eating zombies. Maybe.


  • DanTheMan
    I just read this thread - pass the kleenex this way please, Truly beautiful Dan.

    Awww!! Thanks Dan, you big guy you!! sniff, sniff

    This is one of the last things I will read before I go to bed tonight - after midnight, as usual. Thanks, Dan, so very much

    *Cleaning partially digested lunch off of carpet*

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