Celebrities and their stupid comments

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  • SheilaM
    When our president sounds like the slightly slow son of a fundamentalist preacher, I am both embarrassed and frightened


    Couldn't agree more

    I'm always shocked when others want their freedom but when someone takes the oppurtunity to express themselves they are condemned. I'm defending their right and HELL I don't even like country music.

  • SixofNine

    but LuckyLucy, being gay is normal and right. Past generations were brainwashed to believe otherwise. Hell, even I was brainwashed to believe otherwise. Then I grew a brain.

  • Shutterbug


    I don't believe the chicks would have expressed that opinion in Texas or Tennessee or Alabama. They were evidently trying to placate their audience, which was anti American. Of course they have the right to trash their President or their country anywhere they wish, but I have rights also and I can express my opinions, but without their status, I can protest their ideas only one way, by not buying their music.

    As far as K.D.Langs lesbian status is concerned, her main support in the U.S. was in the so called Bible Belt. The point being we all accepted that in her, including this loyal dub at the time. It was the meat thing that got my hackles up.


    You are still my friend regardless of what your political beliefs are. Bug

  • sandy

    I have to agree with the first poster. They should be more dignified when speaking out about their political views.

    I get so mad when I see and hear celebrities speaking out on different politics. Most of them do not have a clue what they are talking about.

    Before anyone gets upset, notice I said "most"

    Nobody likes war, at least not anybody in his or her right mind. Sometimes it is necessary. I really don't know all the facts in this case; maybe it isn't necessary this time.

    I look at it like this: If we (America) are going to hold on to our power we have to fight for it at times. These people hate us and want to whatever they can to hurt us, we seen that on 9/11/01. If we let that go we will just be telling the world: Sure bomb us, kill our people, ruin our economy, It's all right, as long as we don't have to send any of our troops to fight you. Will let you come here and destroy our lives.

    I think we have to look at the bigger picture here. America's power is what allows us our freedoms.

    Some of these celebrities have no clue like I said before. I personally would rather them shut up or back up their stupid little comments with some real thoughts.

  • Shutterbug

    Sheila, who is trying to take their freedom away. I am merely protesting, which is a right we all have. I fact, I spent four years in the military defending their right to their opinion. Bug

  • SheilaM
    Why don't they keep their dumb ass comments to themselves

    Shutter: Ummm I think the about comment should answer yours.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I can protest their ideas only one way, by not buying their music.

    I'm with you Shutterbug. All celebrities have a platform to promote their beliefs to the 'masses', we do not. I counter their opinion the only way that I can, and that's to refuse to support them. I still like their music, think they're great, but they're not getting another nickel from me until all this 'madness' is over with.

  • jws
    the moral fiber of our nation is turning to crap because of these "Liberal.. free minded freaks"

    Yeah! Damn those liberals! Always wanting things like racial equality, equality of the sexes, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, peace, a clean and healthy environment. How dare they ruin our moral fiber!

    Let's go back to those good old generations when blacks couldn't hold good jobs and had to sit at the backs of buses and were hung and beaten for the color of their skin and back when women stayed home, barefoot and pregnant, where they belong. And everyone was Christian or ashamed to admit otherwise. When people just didn't criticize anything, since the government always knows what's best for us. When the president could commit crimes, order assassinations of those damn liberals and set them up (cointelpro). Back when we could jump into any fight we wanted with such great results, like Viet Nam, or overthrow other rulers simply to protect American companies and their overseas investments - screw their democracy - America is the important one. And companies could dump whatever they wanted into fields and streams or pollute the air. Who cares if people were dying of cancer, think of all that moral fiber they had. Ah, the good old days before all those damned liberals ruined it all!

  • Shutterbug
    Why don't they keep their dumb ass comments to themselves

    I'm not sure where you're coming from Sheila, unless you are calling me a dumb ass. Fair enough, you also have a right to your opinion. Just for the record, I have made it clear that everyone has a right to their opinion. Bug

  • Scully

    LuckyLucy writes:

    ummmmm yeeeaaahhhh....when it crosses the line of moral decency.Something these newer generations have no idea about, they were born brainwashed in believing that being gay is alright and normal.

    There are some Nazi uniforms in the museum that would fit you nicely.

    Love, Scully

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