Celebrities and their stupid comments

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  • joannadandy
    She has stated that she has the right to her opinion, and so she does, but some of the rest of us have the right not to buy any more of her music. It's too bad, the Chicks were my favorite group.

    That is really sad Shutterbug.

    By that same logic if you and I disagree on George Bush, which I will assume we do, you won't be my friend anymore?

    It frightens me when people can't seperate opinions from the person. One opinion tarnishes a whole person? Or a whole career? That's very fickle, and I hope you don't really mean what you just said.

  • SixofNine

    When our president sounds like a moron, as he often does, I too am embarrassed that he is from Texas. When our president sounds like the slightly slow son of a fundamentalist preacher, I am both embarrassed and frightened.

  • LuckyLucy

    The jw's have nothing to do with the fact that i refuse to listen to Gay or Lesbo music.I also won't listen to Michael Jackson music or anyone elses that make me sick, the moral fiber of our nation is turning to crap because of these "Liberal.. free minded freaks"

  • teenyuck
    You have every right to listen to who you want. You say you don't care about what their political opinions are, but yet you would refuse to buy their music because of their political stance.

    I am not saying I would not buy their music....I wouldn't anyway in the Dicksie Chicks case simply because I have not been a fan of country music since I was 14...(Urban Cowboy had recently come out).

    Anyone can say anything....that is the great freedom of living in America.

    I simply do not believe that most celebrities are educated in most of the area's they espouse. KD lang being a vegan gives her arguement against meat more credibility. She walks the walk, etc.

    Wayne Rogers (from MASH) is now a respected investor and owns an investment company. I would take his advice on a stock purchase over the Dicksie Chicks.

    I will still watch George Cloony bare his bottom.... I don't care what his politics are.

  • Uzzah


    So replacing that with your apparent bigotry and hate is your solution to finding moral fibre? Well it is one approach I suppose

    Teenyuck: That wasn't a quote from you. Shutterbug said he would refuse to buy their music based on the one gal expressing a political opinion different to his own.

  • teenyuck


  • Scully
    Celebrities and their stupid comments

    as opposed to Posters on JW.com and their stupid comments??

    C'mon folks.... nobody has to agree with anyone else's opinion..... here or anywhere else.... but part of what makes us CIVILIZED people is recognizing and respecting that we all have the equal right to hold and express whatever opinion we may have on any given topic.

    Once we start taking that away from people - based on their place in society (ie, "celebrity") - we take a step toward becoming just like the extremists in Iraq and elsewhere.

    Nobody is making you buy or listen to certain artists' music/art/whatever. If you don't like someone's political opinions, does that make them less of a performer than they were (in your opinion) prior to their making a public statement of their political opinion?? Why not just regress back to childhood with that "You aren't my friend anymore so I'm going to take all my toys and play in someone else's sandbox" attitude??

    Grow up and get over it already.

    Love, Scully

  • Shutterbug
    So are some of you are essentially saying the JW's were right in boycotting the music of known gays and lesbians simply because the performers were gay? they disagree with the personal opinion or lifestyule of the artist so they boycott it.

    Please don't put words in my mouth !!! I was a faithful witness during the time K.D. Lang was big and I bought her music. She went overboard when she tried to put some very honest and hard working cow men out of business.

    The Dixie Chicks trashed an American President overseas, which, in my opinion should not have happened. I clearly stated they have a right to their opinion, but so do I. Are you saying I am compelled to buy their music? Make me.

    Joanna, I don't give a flying flip what anyone listens to, as long as they don't try to force me to listen.


  • Uzzah


    Ahhh I see now, they can hold an opinion but can only express it while in the continental US. Okay I understand now.

    [added just in case people missed the sarcasm]

  • LuckyLucy
    One opinion tarnishes a whole person?

    ummmmm yeeeaaahhhh....when it crosses the line of moral decency.Something these newer generations have no idea about, they were born brainwashed in believing that being gay is alright and normal.

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