Right everyone watch this video its insane!

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  • sammy
  • GodZoo

    This is so disturbing it beggars belief. If this stuff does not wake up the rank and file then there is really no hope for them whatsoever and they deserve everything they get.

    I have no sympathy at all for people in this cult.

  • Diogenesister

    Thanks for the post.GMO's ?I am with Datadog & username with this one. I fear these crops may be vulnerable to disease, I mean will they be storing GMO's in the world seed bank? Doubtful.

    I think the point is when the watchtower blabs on about 'those ruining the earth' they need to put their money where their mouth is.

  • cappytan

    It boggles my mind how some exjws use critical thinking to escape the cult and then refuse to use it when it comes to GMOs.

    DJS: you might as well try to wake up a fully active elder than change the minds of the anti-GMO cult.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    lol a GMO thread. *gets popcorn*
  • DJS

    Cappy "DJS: you might as well try to wake up a fully active elder than change the minds of the anti-GMO cult."

    Once again you are correct. Or any conspiracy theorist, really. But my objectives are noble. I would prefer that the furry little varmints become empiricists. Short of that happening, getting them to STFU is a close second. Either way is ok with me, as long as we stop their infection from spreading. This site is fu:*ing full of conspiracy theorists. That shouldn't surprise me, as researchers have pointed out a strong correlation between fundie theism and theorism.. They left one cult for another one.

    Sadly, Devo was right. We are de-evolving. Nothing says herd mentality quite like the conspiracy theorist mentality. They are a pox on humanity. A disease. An infection. De-evolution in real time. They have proliferated because of the world wide web. I pine for the good old days, when conspiracy theorists only left their trailer parks to go to church, comic book stores and all you can eat buffets, where we could effectively contain the infection. (sorry Bonsai, but come on, a man's got to do what a man's got to do).

  • GodZoo
    I don't quite get why there are so many comments on the GMO issue when the Watchtowers investments in several of the biggest arms dealing war machines in the entire military industrial complex are being simply side stepped?
  • username

    Once again DJS why are you trying to derail this thread? Is this a ruse in the hope of discrediting individuals who don't exactly go by your line of thinking? You of all people should know we we all have free will now we have left the REAL cult, by the way you force your beliefs you actually sound like the elders!

    I detect that this is to serve your own agenda, by discrediting individuals you can have the upper hand, that is actually a bully tactic, and your style of writing especially on your last message is very aggressive in nature! We are looking at the bigger picture, not just Monsanto.

    Why are you focusing on this when the watchtower currently have a hand in killing innocent men women and children?

    Think of this. All those refugees that are flooding into the west are fleeing from bombings, these very bombs are manufactured by all the corporations that watch Tower have invested in. The watch Tower has a huge part in creating this crisis, that DJS is a very sobering thought isn't it?

  • DJS

    You started the GMO nonsense. Own it. The far better question is why you felt the compulsion to spread your infection. And bully your erroneous opinion onto others. Keep it to yourself.

    Stop playing the victim and re writing history. It is transparent, as is your failed attempt to confuse metaphors. It hurts to be punched in the nose, doesnt it?

  • GodZoo

    And again DJS ignores the investments in weapons of mass destruction by the Borg. That itself is very telling. Quite odd to say the least.

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