Right everyone watch this video its insane!

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  • DJS
    I'm not ignoring it. I don't care. And I haven't cared what the Dark Lords do for over 20 years.
  • Bonsai

    Do what you have to do DJS. Just please refrain from dissing the trailer parks. They have been good to me!

    We need GMO's to supplement a burgeoning population that will only get larger. Also, being that I'm an amateur lepidopterist, I will support any product or technology that reduces the need for pesticide use. We do need to tread carefully though.

    Getting back on point, if those stocks are from a trust fund, who created it? Who hopes to gain from it?

    Even if it is a trust fund, the Watchtower would share in the sins of those companies who have profited from war, sex and violence if it cashes in on that trust fund.. I am not yet convinced however, that the society even knows it exists. I'd like to see more evidence.

  • username

    Oh dear DJS I simply said the bastards are trying to kill us now, quote for quote, it was my opinion, I never felt the need to "bully" anyone into believing me nor would I want that.

    As for being a victim, I would really hope a comment like that would be retracted by yourself, there are several million victims of this evil cult. Not just exjw's, also the very many people who are being killed on a daily basis. I little forethought before choosing your words would be a very good idea.

  • username

    For all those who had a problem with the Alcohol policy here is the re-edited video.



    Can anyone really argue that GMOs are better than non-GMOs?? Really... I'm not saying that they aren't needed for a growing population, or that Scientists are not trying to help. It just seems to me that changing our ways when it comes to food production and teaching everyone to grow something non-GMO at home would better serve our needs in the long run.

    All life on Earth is here because we all deserve to be here, plants included. It's a giant symbiotic relationship. That doesn't really need explaining. It seems like common sense to accept that something which grows naturally is a better food source for another organism that owes its life to the same process. Yes, we may need more food, and that may necessitate GMOs, but are GMO's the best choice? If not, what can we do about it.

    Once again, let's also define the word "conspiracy." A conspiracy is simply a concerted effort by a group to keep something hidden from others that is harming them in some way, and it's often illegal.

    Have those types of things happened in big business before? Yes they have. Using the term "conspiracy theorist" to lable people or insinuate that they are stupid, and living in trailer parks is not fair.


  • DJS

    Fair? Is it fair for barely educated people with absolutely no education or experience in a particular field or on a specific topic who can't seem to do anything but surf confirmationally biased tripe on the internet who then make verbose, definitive statements about sh** that they know nothing about?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions; not everyone is entitled to the facts. What you or I think about GMOs is irrelevant. They are here to stay and in their infancy as a technology.

    My ex-GF's father, a right wind fundie jesus lover, used to blurt out similar lies as certitudes and platitudes. Since I wanted to keep the peace, I gave him a lot of latitude to be his bullying self. But I told my ex GF that it has a shelf life; I wasn't going to sit and listen to his bullying bullshit forever.

    I have no such constraints on this site. When they make erroneous, dangerous bullying statements, they get what they deserve.

    All of the conspiracy theorists, if they were standing on one another's shoulders, wouldn't reach the shoe laces of the giants whose work they dismiss and condemn. Those they condemn have spent decades in advance education and experience doing their best at what they do. Those criticizing them do so with nothing other than their feelings and Rush Limbaugh telling them what to think.

    Fair? Really? The conspiracy theorist mentality is dangerous. Of course there are benign theorists and real conspiracies. That's not what we are discussing.

  • Vidiot


    That being said, maybe the theories about the WTS recently losing big on "bad investments" isn't so far-fetched, after all.

  • Bardamu

    if this tax report is legit this is huge.

  • Billyblobber

    It boggles my mind how some exjws use critical thinking to escape the cult and then refuse to use it when it comes to GMOs.

    A big chunk of ex-JWs DON'T use critical thinking to escape from there. They get mad at the organization for emotional reasons, and then latch on to any "anti" stuff from there, without checking the validity just to justify their emotions. They just happened to latch on to correct information in those instances.

    There's a difference between "this doesn't make logical sense," *does research on both ends and gradually finds out most doctrines are lies,* as opposed to, "I'm mad at the organization for whatever reason, or simply don't want to do this any more," *reads third party saying that the organization is basically lies and agrees right off the bat because it supports their feelings." Both lead to a positive outcome in a sense, but both don't come from the same way of thinking.

  • GodZoo
    My ex-GF's father, a right wing fundie jesus lover, used to blurt out similar lies as certitudes and platitudes.

    Yep.. and you were exactly the same once.



    Biotech companies like Monsanto told us that Agent Orange, PCBs, and DDT were safe. They are now using the same type of superficial, rigged research to try and convince us that GMOs are safe. Independent scientists, however, have caught the spin-masters red-handed, demonstrating without doubt how industry-funded research is designed to avoid finding problems, and how adverse findings are distorted or denied.

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