Right everyone watch this video its insane!

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  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    Username could it be possible someone give it the watchtower as an inheritance? Remember they did make an announcement a while back that people can donate life insurance & assets, stocks, shares, bonds to WT, just a question
  • umbertoecho
    Lockheed the creators of war equipment, training etc and all based in Australia. Never knew that! Very flash looking company, and not some dithery type of business, for their business is about the benefits of war.
  • DJS


    Excellent comment. I agree. That's why there is an intensive governmental approval process before GMOs can come to market and one of the reasons why there are numerous independent studies that have been and are being conducted by prestigious universities.

  • Petraglyph

    Ok, I'm trying to make sense of the figures...

    Although I can't see it explicitly stated, it appears the "Investment Detail" section is shown in $ thousands.

    ADOBE SYS INC --- ADBE --- 90 000 --- 5 552 10 --- 61 69
    90,000 (shares) x 61.69 (share price) = $5,552,100 (which is shown as 5 552 10)

    Adobe are currently trading at 83.13 so if the fund owns 90,000 shares means that this one line alone is worth $7,481,700 which supports my calculation above.

    This would mean this is in fact a $3.4bn portfolio.

    However, the figures don't tally with the figures reported on the first pages and it suggests to me that WT own 0.1% of this portfolio and that their total investment in this fund is $3.4m

    This likely also explains the anomaly in how the figures have been presented in the "Investment Detail" section, such that WT own $5,552.10 of a total of $5,552,100 invested in Adobe.

    So WT would actually own 90 Adobe shares, not 90,000.

    Note that none of this negates the principle of what he is saying.



    I hear you. I don't know a damn thing about GMO's, except for what I can read on the Internet. Even then it's a maze of information/mis-information, paranoia, speculation and lies.

    GMOs and drinking aside, is the rest of the information legit, and what does it mean? If I pass along information to my wife, it has to be 100% factual.


  • umbertoecho

    GMOs from Forbes.

    DJS. Go ahead and tell me how not dangerous GM food are. Please don't spout off at the mouth before you can supply good counter-evidence because I can give you some that should shut your arrogant mouth up. Got shares in them?

    Look up GM crops India, there, that's a little homework for you. Go ahead. Now if you can process anything you read. Have a nice little read on the insertion of genomes from pigs that are also put into certain GM produce....

    You really need to read some decent literature, then write it out with your little graphite pen on your slate, then do some memorising of facts. I suspect you know jack shit about this topic.

  • GodZoo

    Video has been removed..

  • umbertoecho
    Petraglyph: Thank you go it and saved it. I agree that this man made some honest mistakes, on the whole I think he is valid and I for one always like to follow the money with WT inc. I loved it when I found elders with huge shares in .....get this.....Elders and West Farmers to name a few. They deal in farms, equipment, fertilizers etc. I found this by accident and just couldn't help it. I had to read all of it. There are so many witnesses, particularly elders that are given little tips, advice etc as to where to invest. It's quite the thing. Of course, officially they are not to store up "treasures" here on earth as they are to await heavenly ones or something like that....
  • talesin

    His other vids are still there (I was watching them). Maybe he is going to fix the 'no alcohol' error. : )

    Thanks for sharing. and right on umbertoecho - I mean, seriously - Forbes? hahaha, that's a business magazine for cryin' out loud.



    REMOVED!!!!??? Now I'm really intrigued! Come on tech wizards!! Do something!!!


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