Right everyone watch this video its insane!

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  • Petraglyph

    Yes, it's been removed!

    I'm still watching and it's still streaming for me atm so as long as I don't refresh it I'm hoping I'm going to be ok... :D

  • DJS


    There is a lot of very bad science regarding GMOs. I have read a lot of it, and it has ALL been trashed and exposed by real scientists. The Universities of CA, GA and FLA have been conducting extensive research into GMOs for several years. The U of GA has a website that identifies all of the bad science to which you refer. Echo, if you are interested in learning something other than hysteria, the U of GA link regarding GMO Misinformation is: http://parrottlab.uga.edu/parrottlab/forum2.htm.

    We have about 2 dozen hard core conspiracy theorists on this site, and an equal number of those carrying the infection and another equal number of hysterical housewives. I'm expecting about 40 or 50 dislikes. As Cofty states, the "Dislike" button is below. Use it.

    Your hysteria and your Dislike change nothing. GMOs have never been found to be unsafe, by any real science. But continue being hysterical; it is what I expected.

  • GodZoo

    Northrop Grumman have their hands in a few interesting pies.. what happened to turning spears into plowshares?

    NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP 30,000 shares.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I tried downloading it an hour ago but I encountered problems. I think that the best thing that video provided was the IRS link. If someone had edited the trivial and erroneous stuff out of that video (GMO and alcohol consumption) it would have been more palatable for people that don't want to watch an hour and a half of anything.
  • GodZoo



    An hour and a half?? I ain't got time fo' dat!!!

    Seriously, let's forget GMO's and alcohol for now. FOCUS, people!!!


  • Listener
    If he is talking about the Riley fund, there is plenty of information about it already discussed on this forum and other places.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I can't see the video, it's been pulled. But just want to say that GMO's are safe to eat. The great deal of negative hysteria about their safety to consume is born of ignorance.

    The only potential problem that GMO's pose is that some species might outcompete local unmodified versions leading to their extinction. In other words some GMO crops might behave like an invasive species. But as far as consuming food harvested from GMO's - it's perfectly safe and anyone who says otherwise obviously does not know all the details of what GMO's are.


    How can anything that behaves as an "invasive species" be safe?? In the natural order of things, shit happens; the problem is that we humans, with our hubris, are causing changes within a system that we barely comprehend.

    We can't speak of modified species that WE introduce an "natural" in any way and retain any semblance of honesty. Uh...does Cane Toad ring a bell??? Now imagine a genetically engineered Cane Toad!!! That's not natural!

    As a species, we are NOT contributing to our enviroment. We take. That's parasitic behavior. Rant over.


  • username
    DJS. Why did you pick up on the GMO comment when really the bigger picture is the rest of the investments. LIke contributing in thousands of innocent victims being killed right now due to military drone activity, bombs being dropped, artillery, all manufactured by at least three corporations the watch tower have invested in?

    Why have you took my comment so personally, I don't believe this comment mentioned you? You have your beliefs we have ours, which are credibly backed up. If you want to go on consuming genetically modified foods then that is your choice. We on the other hand choose to avoid GMO's. There is a lot of misinformation out there, which includes big companies like Monsanto recruiting scientists to put a positive spin on GMO,s. Personally I would rather source my information from, say, my local butcher and ground level people who are in the agricultural industry that way we know there is no spin.

    So lets now change the subject and not derail the thread OK DJS :)

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