Please Just Take Me Home...

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  • Valis

    If htere were anything I ever wanted it was to be like all the other kids I saw in my to accept gifts, love and unconditional reasoning from adults...even as an adult this is all I rarely ask for...where is your family when it would be nice to have them? Would something please just take me home?


    District Overbeer

  • teenyuck

    Misery loves company....may I join you? The family will have instant boy/girl. {{Valis}}

    I think this is common Valis. I really do understand.

    I used to think my family was the most Fucxed up family I had ever seen....until I came here and saw that they are very similar to many dub families. We have lost family and loved ones to the WTBTS....


  • LB
    If htere were anything I ever wanted it was to be like all the other kids I saw in my life

    You sure about that? I mean, it appears you aren't making a huge attempt to be like all the other adults you've seen in your life.

    When I look back at some young adults at my old hall it does make me sad. Their life is so damn limited. Talk about falling short of expectations. One girl I knew could have been almost anything from a model to an athlete and certainly a college graduate. Instead, married young and pushing magazines for a living.

  • Valis

    Yes them, but all the others I lied to on a regular basis about so many things like holidays and all kinds of dhit just so they wouldn't think I was a total freak....Maybe I'm just whining, which I hate from other people...I'm just very frustrated and can't see the good from my peeps like I should. I have the best family here I could ask for, but blood is still thicker than the Internet and I hate people in my own family insulting my intelligence, especially when its so easy to rip them a new one.


    District Overbeer

  • LB

    Valis family has no rights to be asses just because of blood. For that reason I've cut off many family members over the years. I could care if I ever hear from my sister again. I doubt I will.

    Ripping them a new one can be a good thing.

  • Joyzabel


    "Would something please just take me home?

    hhmmmm........ I'm not a "thing" but would certainly welcome you in my home.

    I think when we lose the connection with our families, it really makes us feel so "alone".

    Know that you are loved, admired and thought of having high intelligence.



  • Valis

    LB...I did that today already..

    I'm still saddened though and being here has never made me cry before, but I just lost it about 15 minutes ago...I want my family, but I refuse to play by their rules. Glad to have more people here that understand. Ack...I'm going for a ride again...


    District Overbeer

  • teejay

    Reminds me of a song by Kenny Loggins that reminds of (happier?) days gone by. I get a little sad every time I hear it. Thinking of you, bro.

  • nightwarrior

    aaawww Valis

    Don't be sad... My jw family have more or less made a decision not to contact me. (in the last two weeks) Yes it hurts like hell, but I know that I will get over it (some day) and my anger is focused at the WTS.

    I cried myself to sleep the other night, because I miss my mam and sister (whoops nearly crying here), but I am certain more than ever that NO MAN will ever rule my life like the jws tried too... and if my family want to 'disown' me, well that is up to them.. I have a lovely family here with my husband and children, and I am loved and needed where it matters the most.

    Plus, remember, we all have some great friends (new family) here on the web, so sod the witnesses, and start anew - It is Spring time... time for a good old mental clear out, and time to look ahead.. so keep going Valis, because you always have such good advice for everyone... well we are here for you now, and always!

    Your very good friends here in sunny downtown London (yes it has been sunny here for a little while anyway) LOL

    mr and mrs nightwarrior (((((((((((((((((((((((((valis)))))))))))))))))))))

  • Simon

    It would be nice to have had a regular family and done all the regular stuff ... had regular relatives and gone to family events like weddings and whot-not.

    Ah well, I have my own family and they will always have 'home'

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