Describe Yourself.

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  • caligirl

    I am 30, a mother of 1.5 (soon to be 2)children, step mom to a great kid, married to a wonderful man (2nd time was the charm for me!) and to coiun Xena's phrase, I am also a "professional nagger" for a day job. Love to cook, sped time with family & friends, read. It all sounds so boring when reduced to a little paragraph, but I am happy with my life anyways. Never a dull moment!

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I'm 23. Single. No kids. Never married. I have custody of my gorgeous nephew Spencer who is 5 and the funniest kid you'd ever meet. Work the standard 8-5 doing technical support for an engineering company. Weekends are spent promoting the local music scene filling in on the bass for various bands, and occasionally singing, since leaving my punk band. A few credits short of my AA in interior design with plan to complete school shortly. And like SlipnSlideMaster I'm one Sexy Bitch.

  • aarque

    I'm a nearly 50 year old (gasp) cancer survivor who has spent the past 32 years working in bookie joints (OK..OK...I'm a librarian) and have been married since Aug 2001 to a really terrific guy I met in a chat room. I'm so short that when it rains I'm the last to know...well, I tell everyone I'm actually 7' 2" tall....5' 2" in height and two feet to walk on. I enjoy reading, cooking, reading, travelling, reading, surfing the net...did I mention reading? I also play the accordion for my own enjoyment (not for anyone else's).

  • czarofmischief

    25. Male. 6'2", BA in English Writing, passion for theater, almost married to a wonderful girl.

    Addicted to horror movies, Terry Pratchett novels, and orange juice.

    Pittsburgh Steelers fan.


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