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  • SpannerintheWorks

    Not everyone feels comfortable revealing details of themselves on this Forum, and I've never met anyone on this discussion board (but of course I hope I will one day!) And I just thought that it would be fun and interesting for all of us to post a little about ourselves!

    Me? I'm 40, own 3 businesses, married to a JW wife (wish I wasn't) and am addicted to a certain website...,

    How about you?


  • Scarlet

    I am 25 an accountant, l am a fun and happy person most of the time. I like to hang out and have quiet nights at home.

  • teenyuck

    Baby boomer, out for 20 years now, tall, started my own business doing web design, no kids.

    Love to laugh....very critical of myself....sarcastic/cynical...impatient....hate JWs and all the key words they use...bad magazine salesperson.

  • LB

    Old fart, kind of retired, kind of an ass. Kind of into making me happy.

    Planning on moving to Maui and getting out of the cold.

  • outoftheorg

    LB thinks he is an old fart. I got him beat by a bunch. Am retired. Am having the time of my life. Remarried to a "worldly woman" thank goodness. Keep very busy with one thing and another. I have done many jobs. Industrial parts store mgr.- sheriffs deputy- IHC mtr truck div dlr mgr- Caterpillar shop mgr. Had my own auto parts business. Just got a nice small fishing/lake boat. Look forward to a lot of fun. Outoftheorg

  • Mystla

    I'm 30, work for Costco, live with an Ogre (really!) and haven't been a JW for almost three years (yay!) after having been raised as one. We are in the process of buying an RV, and next winter I am going to quit my job and we are hitting the road! I have a dog and two cats, love to read, enjoy movies, and am passionate about animals, plants, wildlife, and nature in general. Mystla

  • pr_capone

    I'm a 22 year old guy and I live in Kansas. I have been out of the troof for just over a year now. I work for a fire and security company here in Wichita.

    My favorite thing in the world is dancing. I love anything that has to do with the 20's-40's. Music, dancing, style, clothes, and cars. Absolutly any and everything that has to do with it. Never lurked here, just found the site and started posting that very second.

    I was promoted to Kansas District Overbeer by Valis during the Dallas Apostafest.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • LyinEyes

    I am 36, married forever to WildTurkey, we have three kids, (16,9,8) , two dogs , a cat, but I would love more animals. I love the country, and hope to move to our land this summer, I like the lazy southern lifestyle here, the kids run barefoot and play in the dirt all day, fish in the creek. Our lives center around our kids, but we like to go out once a week for just us. There I can relive my wasted youth , dance to all the old stuff I never got to dance to, meet new people, play pool.

    I love the internet, I love this board, and I love my friends here . I love to read, books, magazines( not Wt or Awake thou) and watch movies, and tv, all the medical shows, mysteries, true crime, decorating, cooking channels etc.

    I would love to win the powerball..........and spend all of the money I can , take a cruise vacation and live on the beach........ that would be pure heaven. Did I mention that it is nice to admit to being materialistic????? LOL ,,,,,,,,,,, basically I just love all that life has to offer, and wish I had forever to do all I want to do.

  • Francois

    Lyin' you DO have forever to accomplish all you want to do. Just because your life has a beginning, doesn't mean it has to end. Well, it will end here, but it will begin again in the next life just where you left off here. So you don't have to burn your candle at both ends, you have an eternity to enjoy yourself. Go for it.

    (I'll get around to saying who I am in my next post. Right now it's time for "Friends")


  • MrMoe

    amanda is my name and i have the flu. my fever is 103.2 pity me

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