Describe Yourself.

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  • kat_newmas

    I am 33, a Graphic Design Artist, Painter, sculptor, I play the piano and flute. Married to a lovely British woman, from Culchester, England. I design logos for companies, as well as paint murals.

    Currently working on a comic book design, but that is spare time thing.

    Always looking to work with others on some new, outrageous art project. So if you have an Idea you just can't put a finger on, give me a buzzzz. Thought about writing a book... but I am too stupid to keep up with more than a few chapters, and not that articulate.

  • SheilaM

    (((((Amanda))) my daughter just had that same crap and gave it to me, drink plenty of fluidshope you get better

    Let's see to answer the post: I'm 39 can't believe it still feel like a kid, been married my whole life almost 19 years to my Thunder Rider. We are busy self-publishing his book Thunder Rider's Burden. I myself write/do artwork and love to garden/I love music and yoga. We have three cats (Maine Coons) and Three Dogs. I have two children my daughter Melanie is 20 and my idiot son Anthony is 18 and plans on joining the Marines despite the threat of war(hence the term idiot) I love to laugh and am still struggling to build my life after being a dub so long.

  • ISP

    Getting slimmer........neat, hey?


  • MrMoe

    Sheila - Ok, have to say this, you have got to be one of the nicest sweetest people here

    Cyber Kisses (the real ones would be loaded with the flu virus)

  • WildTurkey

    Ok I’m 36 almost 37. People say I have a lot in common with Mel Gibson!!!!! Yeah he has two arms I have two arms, he has two legs I have two legs. I love my wife Dede; she is everything I look for in a woman (poor eyesight and low standards). She is a great gal, I love my kids, and I love sports. I love to watch all sports even golf, but I don’t think it is a real sport. I mean hell if you take the ball away its walking.

    I really like to get drunk, and sleep in the bathtub. Love the hell out of my friends, my best friend is my wife after her it’s a guy who post here under the pretender, I would give my life for that dumb s.o.b .

    I like looking at nude woman, but please don’t tell dede cause I tell her they are all ugly! And I think the world of a lot of you out there (not yardturd)

  • riz
    I love my wife Dede; she is everything I look for in a woman (poor eyesight and low standards).

    rotflmao!! you two are so cute.

    ((((((((((amanda))))))))))) i'm sorry you're sick. i hope you feel better real soon!

    love, riz


    Well, Rayzorblade - he's 40.

    Works as a bartender/waiter at a well-known tavern in downtown Toronto.

    Generally speaking: easy-going, wacky sense of humour, good-natured, a bit of loner, kind-hearted (at least I like to be thought of as...any of the said above).

    I dj every Friday @ the tavern. So if you're in the neighbourhood, come on in for a pint .

  • nowisee

    lighthearted, emotionally deep, passionate, playful, introspective, intense, artistic, somewhat addictive personality. now that iv discovered this im wondering how i will ever find time for anything else.

  • Solace

    Describe myself? Yikes...

    Well, Its Monday night (I hate Mondays) Im pretty whiped out, my hair is a mess, so its in a clip, but Im in my jammies, under my blankets with you and my laptop.


    I hope you feel better soon. Lord knows trying to rest with little ones isnt easy. My son doesnt have an off switch so I sometimes have to pop in his favorite video so he stops running circles around me. Take care hun.

  • liquidsky

    ok my turn.

    I'm 27 yrs old. Been married for 7 years. I've lived in Washington state my entire life, and plan on staying here. I currently work as a Designer for a Store Fixture manufacturing company. I have no kids, only a bird named birdie. (how original). I've been inactive for about 7 years, only been to a couple of meetings(the memorial), for the last 2 years.

    I love my husband, dancing, music, cooking, reading and yoga. hmmmm what else... oh yeah! my husband and I are in the process of building our dream home. Thats about it. not very interesting.

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