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  • undercover
    We also had a curious pattern to war, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane stories -- that Jehovah was always protecting the lives and usually even the KH property.

    Reminds me of the story of the young brother who was torn between taking a new job or going to MS school. Supposedly this was told at the breakfast table at Bethel. The brother had been trying for some time to get this job and finally had it offered to him. But at the same time the MS School was to start. He decided to put Jehovah first, turned down the job and went to MS School. The first day of the job he turned down was 9-11-01 at an office in the Twin Towers.

    They told this(supposed) experience to help us see how Jehovah blesses those who put him first. What about the Witnesses that did die? A Witness firemen died after rushing in to help others. Were they any less favored by God? When I heard that story I was furious. An amazing coincidence is shamelessly used to make us feel guilty for not putting kingdom interests first. Despicable.

    This may be another legend, but it pissed me off none-the-less because the friends were just eating this up.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Minimus, I don't mean to call you a liar, but I have trouble believing the dentist story.

    Oh yeah, I heard this. The way it was told me was that the moral was that you should never allow be alone with anyone if they were going to use anesthesia on you. When I questioned how would I know if I'm unconscious, I was called a disrespectful child.

    Has anyone heard this one (or a variation): two sisters out in service working alone in rural territory and they come upon a house in the middle of nowhere. They knock on the door, guy comes to the door and they give their presentation and he's not interested. So they drive away. The next day the papers are filled with the story of an Avon saleswoman who was murdered by this man. When the police questioned why he did not attack the two sisters, he replied it was because of the two large men standing behind the sisters. Moral of the story: God doesn't wear make up.

  • Huxley

    My parents threw away my smurf figurines after hearing some hokum about them being demonic. But then my mom didn't let me watch He-Man and the Masters of the Universe because she thought they must be Nephalim. (Super powers I guess..)

  • berylblue
    Elders should be sure that a person is guilty before being disfellowshipped, especially if the person strongly denies it......

    Since when?


  • berylblue

    Re: John Denver

    I heard he was on the Tonight Show and started trashing Witnesses, and Johnny Carson got angry and told him, "Jehovah's WItnesses are the nicest people on the planet. My aunt is one".


  • minimus

    Elders should be sure that the person is guilty before being disfellowshipped, especially if the person strongly denies it...................The implication was that the other 2 bozos weren't as discerning as the detective elder. He was wise to get all the facts instead of lookiung at what seemed obvious. So if any got pregnant, they could have blamed the dentist.

  • dmouse

    This sounds like an urban legend but it IS a true story - at least my mum insists it is !

    When my mum and a friend were newly baptised they borrowed my grandma's crystal ball (she was into the occult) and took it home.

    They discussed what to do with it and decided to smash it on the kitchen floor. As my mum raised the crystall ball into the air there was a crack and all the lights went out, leaving them both in the pitch black! They were both very spooked and decided to just take the ball back to my grandma and never have anything to do with it again. I never did find out what caused the lights to go out.

  • Xena

    hhhmmm did anyone mention the John Denver one? Where he had all the JW's stand up and then started to play the national anthem......you don't suppose that really happened do you????

  • Ravyn

    dmouse, crystal balls can be like batteries and hold a charge---no real 'magick', just science.

    could have been static electricity. balloons have been known to blow a whole house's circuit box.


  • Xandria
    don't forget this one...two sisters in field service. They come upon a house with a dog and cat sitting on the porch. The dog tells them that no one is coming to the door. The cat agrees and asks them to leave.

    Um what were they smoking ????

    How many here were denied having Teddy Ruxpin ( sp?) the story telling teddy bear. Because there was UL that those bears were possessed because they could "speak".

    The story goes that a child had one at a bible study and it would start talking with out the story tape. It would refute Hovah's teaching and of course the versions were many. The teddy bear's head turning, smoke coming out of the bear ( gas ?), cursing, so on and so forth.

    Needless to say, we were not allowed to have this bear in our home our parents did not want any back talk from a bear.


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