JW Urban Legends

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  • Azalo

    Did any of you hear any of the urban legends that jw's used to scare people into being deathly afraid of demons? For example I remeber hearing that a child brough a smurf doll to a meeting and upon hearing the name jehovah uttered it got up and walked out. got any j-dub urban legends? POST them !

  • Brummie
    it got up and walked out


    Urban legend: 1914 generation!

    There must be LOADS of these! Not demon associated but one urban legend was that there was blood in ice cream! and in red smarties chocolate! etc

    All the birds flying around in 1984 was a sign that Jah was adding to their numbers in order for them to eat those who die at armaggedon!

    interesting thread this should turn out to be/

    can think of other famous ones but will leave it to the rest


  • avishai

    I remember an actual article in "watching the world" about some people in africa that used an ouija board, and a demon came in and killed one of their kids, twisted his head all the way around!!! Scared the crap out of 8 yr. old me!!!

  • StinkyPantz

    I remember a story about this kid who owned a smurf blanket. Apparently the blanket (demon-possessed of course) attacked him one night. The kicker is that once the mother saw what was happening, she got her kid away from the blanket and started stabbing it and then blood came out of the blanket.

  • Wolfgirl

    Hee-hee! I heard so many of those things. Like the pair of demonised shoes that one sister couldn't throw out coz they kept walking back up to her door on their own; and the bed that had a heartbeat, and when they stabbed it, there was a scream and something oozed out of it. Yeah, ookaaaaayyyyyy.

  • Mystla

    How about the Satanists who asked the demons why they had no time for them.. and were told it's because the demons have to spend all their time going after JW children. oohhh, scary stuff! Mystla

  • Matty

    I remember the blood in ice scream scare, I also remember the blood in Lyons Cakes scare and the blood in Meringues scare. When I was growing up there seemed to be blood in bloody everything!

  • ballistic

    LOL, our congregation had a blood in fish fingers scare!

  • ozziepost
    All the birds flying around in 1984 was a sign that Jah was adding to their numbers in order for them to eat those who die at armaggedon!

    LOL. I remember that one! We heard it downunder too!

  • rebel

    I've heard this one repeated a few times:

    A sister on field ministry knocks on a door and a man comes to the door with his hands covered in blood. The sister is taken aback but carries on with their presentation (????). The man doesn't want a magazine and slams the door. The sister is worried and reports what she saw to the police. The police break the door down and find that the man has stabbed his wife to death. When the police ask the man why he didn't do something to the JW sister as she had seen what he'd done, he said "I would have killed her if she'd been alone, but there was this big, burly guy standing behind her watching me" Apparently, this was an angel looking after her on field service.

    The people that told me this really believed it.


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