JW Urban Legends

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  • Farkel

    JW Urban legends?

    Hell, the whole damn religion is an urban legend!


  • crinklestein

    So basically they are threatening you saying if you don't look at every little scripture then you could be killed for it. More brainwashing!

  • Mulan

    One I heard when they were remodeling a KH in Seattle. It was an old, old building. They were trying to fix the floorboards, because the floor squeaked, and no matter what they did, they couldn't stop the squeaky floor. Finally they took a large section of the floor out, and there was a book under the sub floor on Astrology. As soon as they got rid of the book, they were able to nail the floor back and eliminate the squeak. I sure believed it, hook, line and sinker. I'm sure lots of others did too.

  • heathen

    It's funny they really do expect you to believe this stuff but when someone shows them that there are satanic subliminal messages in the their own publications they refuse to accept it .

  • Roski

    Blood in everything -dark chocolate, soft ice-cream, and for the disbelievers - tomato soup.

    This doesn't count as an urban legend but it does show a level of intelligence.....A sister (pioneer, whose son resided in bethel-USA) told me that she would not go to a Chinese opera because the music was 'chaotic' and Satan was the god of confusion, therefore the music was demonized.

  • PopeOfEruke

    I remember one about a sister who was terrified that when the persecution starts, Satans agents would torture her by pulling all her teeth out.

    So she went to the dentist and had all her teeth removed and had false teeth put in.


  • gitasatsangha
    she would not go to a Chinese opera because the music was 'chaotic' and Satan was the god of confusion, therefore the music was demonized.

    We had a multiracial hall, but the elders were all white. Often I heard speakers from the podium talk about the dangers of music with a pagan, African beat.

    We even had an black MS who went along with that line of crap. He was always making long comments about how brothers and sisters would not want to be wearing "ethnic" clothing and hairstyles that might be pagan in origin.He found avenues to make these comments once very month or so. Dispite his efforts to civilize his fellow brothers and sisters, and pioneering every other month, he never made it to being an Elder.

  • Warrigal

    The only one I can remember was the story about albumin in food being made from blood. Always figured this for a crock as it would be easier and cheaper to get it from eggs....

  • minimus

    Here's one from an elder's school. A young sweet sister got pregnant. She knew not how. A judicial committee was formed. She denied EVER having sexual relations with anyone. The elders felt that obviously, she was lying. But one elder was still bothered. He couldn't believe this sweet young sister could be a fornicator. So he decided to retrace all her steps, especially from the time that must have gotten pregnant. After talking to her father and her mother, they all realized that one day, the daughter went to the DENTIST. He put her to sleep and must have raped her. They decided to approach the dentist with their suspicion and the promise that if he admitted to this act, they would not report him, but they really needed to know. The dentist admitted the dirty deed and the young girl was spared disfellowshipping.......The moral of the story? Elders should be sure that a person is guilty before being disfellowshipped, especially if the person strongly denies it......TRUE STORY!!!

  • gitasatsangha

    Minimus did it happen by any chance in Oregon?

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