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  • undercover

    One that I heard:

    A brother was watching "The Exorcist" on TV when he got a pang of conscience and decided to change the channel. No matter what channel he flipped to, The Exorcist was on. He cut off the TV and still the movie stayed on. He unplugged the TV. Still the movie stayed on. He finally prayed outloud to Jehovah and the movie went off.

    Another one that ended up having a simple explanation:

    A sister kept waking up to the bed shaking each night. But everytime she woke her husband(who slept thru it) the shaking would stop. After several nights, she became more and more terrified, knowing it was the demons. Finally, one night the brother felt the shaking too, looked at the foot of the bed, and there sat the family cat at the foot of bed cleaning himself and scratching. Case solved. It was a demon cat with fleas.

  • ISP

    I remember being told that smarties had cochineal in and so we couldn't eat them! Then there was the mysterious logo on Proctor and Gamble products that was the result of a pact with the devil........or something like that.


  • truthseeker1

    I heard something about Proctor and Gamble and the Devil, but never a clear story. I did have an experience similar to the "Exorcist" story above. I was watching "The Devil's Advocate" on TV and my ex came into the room so I changed the channel so she wouldn't get freaked out and think I was letting demons into the house. When I changed the channel, something completely new came on, and when I turned off the TV, it went off. Strange, huh?

  • ISP

    I think a lot of 'fundies' chomped on the Proctor and Gamble. They changed it in the end......just wasn't worth the effort trying to explain it to a brain dead.....but nevertheless potentially profitable customer base.


  • Buster

    The Exorcist one snuck into our hall. Our story described a sister that went to the movie and somewhere along she decided that the movie was too demonic. When she tried to get up she felt hands holding her in her seat. I remember all the fools in the hall nodding to themselves with this 'I told you so' attitude.

  • gitasatsangha

    oh forgtot a REALLY old urban legend:

    Glen Campbell is a secret witness. He just never came out and admitted it like other witness musicians (George Benson, Larry Graham, Prince)

    Hmm.. it would be sorta fun to generate some new rumours and see if/how fast/how distorted they spread through the congregations.

    some suggestions:

    A friend of a friend knows this sister who'se daughter told her her Bratz dolls were telling her to commit immoral acts.

    Don't watch "Three Men and a Baby". There is a scene with a Demon in it. A friend of a friend who is a Pioneer went to see it and after he did he got all mixed up in spiritism.

    Jolly Ranchers stand for "Gay Farmers".

  • ISP

    Wait up!

    Remember this one,.........faithful dub sister goes to Doctor for a routine test and he ends up taking a blood sample. They then later tell her she has AIDS! She says I am a goody goody JW wife that does not even do oral.......so how can it be!? They say it is and she has to think who she has been sleeping with. She then confronts husband who tells the whole tale of immorality to her and that he is so sorry for giving her AIDS.

    The Doctor/clinic phone the next day to say it was a big mistake and her records were confused with someone elses! Moral = Jehovah is all seeing and brings things out when he sees fit.

    (Er........right, but can let child abuse fester for years.)


  • Jourles

    The only ones I heard of were of course the smurfs, the angel behind the two sisters at the door(heard this one at our last Special One Day Assembly in fact) and the clothing line Stussy. Any problems with the young people while I was growing up was attributed to this clothing line as it was VERY popular with the teenagers. I don't know who started the rumor, but it spread like wildfire once it got out. It seems that an over-zealous witness with nothing better to do figured out that they could read the word "Satanism" in the Stussy logo. Of course, every rebellious teenager that wore Stussy clothing was immediately told to get rid of their clothing or else. Why on earth would you want to invite Satan into your home or parade his name around on your body?

    For those who haven't seen the logo ---

    Oh, another one I just remembered --- There was a radio station in San Diego(don't remember which one now) where one of the DJ's names was Anita Rush. I think the radio station was Alternative Rock based. I DO remember this one starting in our very own hall as the sister who made the comment was the wife of an elder. She made the comment one night that the young ones shouldn't listen to this radio station because the DJ's name wasn't real but rather her name meant, "I need a rush" refering to illicit drug use. I remember us young folk after the meeting getting together and talking about that being a load of crap. So yet again, if some young people were getting into trouble for whatever reason, they were asked if they were listening to this radio station.

    Heh, one more --- About two or three years ago there was an email floating around about a special circuit assembly in North Carolina, I believe, where a friend of a friend listed her notes about some special Bethel member giving a talk and describing the end getting very near or something like that. This special CA was held in a park?? Heck, even my ex-bethelite father-in-law believed it. I had to pull teeth to make him check his Bethel contacts to see if it was true or not. He wanted to believe it REAL BAD. Even my wife got on me for NOT BELIEVING it. Sheesh.

  • tazmaniac

    Then there is the one about the smurf who could see thru all the sisters clothing during the meeting if they werent paying attention. OOPs..that was me that wasnt paying attention at the meeting and wishing I could see thru the sisters clothing. sorry

  • cruzanheart
    she got her kid away from the blanket and started stabbing it and then blood came out of the blanket

    And they never saw their Chihuahua again . . . .


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