Brooklyn Layoffs and Halt to Kingdom Hall construction projects

by James Jack 75 Replies latest jw experiences

  • bohm
    sir82: so only those below 60/70 are getting send home or is it those above? (according to the poster)
  • Vidiot

    sparrowdown - "Welcome to the WT firesale!"

    Everything must go. :smirk:

  • neverendingjourney

    I feel bad for most of the people who'll be laid off. Many of them sacrificed a lot in service of what they sincerely felt was right.

    However, one of the most arrogant people I know is a Bethel elder who gets sent to conventions to give talks. I knew him 20 years ago before he ever went to Bethel. I won't feel sorry for him at all if he doesn't make the cut. He can go to hell.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    I remember the food at the Conventions and Assemblies. They made Money until it was changed to a donation for the food.
    All of sudden, they were losing money for the lack of Donations.
    Food Program ended, problem ended!

    Yep. That's how it was.

    Back in the good ole days the assembly and convention gigs were considered major annual revenue drivers! The medium sized district conventions would clear well over $100,000 dollars, and the more local circuit assemblies tended to clear around $15,000 (twice per year) and that was after giving Watchtower it's cut/tax, which would tend to be in the $10-20,000 range (twice per year).

  • bohm
    Marvin: why? Did people donate more back then?
  • menrov
    Could it be that some of their bank accounts were frozen pending certain court cases or other issues?
  • neverendingjourney
    Did people donate more back then?

    They just charged for everything back then. The food was for sale. The literature was for sale. The donation-only arrangement ate into the bottom line tremendously.

  • Vidiot

    neverendingjourney - "The donation-only arrangement ate into the bottom line tremendously."

    Still is, from what I can tell. :smirk:

    And all 'cause they didn't want to pay taxes on their profits.

  • The Big Machine
    The Big Machine

    On JWTalk some are saying that the special pioneers have been reduced to 100 from 500. Not sure if that's just one country or worldwide (I assume one country).

    it's interesting reading that thread. You can tell there's a lot of people waking up with this construction being halted. Every comment is moderated on that site so the fact you can actually see the dissent is something. Usually it's annoyingly positive.

  • millie210

    The Big Machine On JWTalk some are saying that the special pioneers have been reduced to 100 from 500

    Its funny to me though that they seem more upset about the leaked letter than the Bethel lay offs or the construction halt.

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