Brooklyn Layoffs and Halt to Kingdom Hall construction projects

by James Jack 75 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jonahstourguide

    Similar situation here in Australia. Although no mention

    of KHall construction on hold yet


  • sparrowdown

    They need to empty the all bethels of live-ins and set up a regular office with regular paid employees.

  • flipper
    They need to put the GB members & WT leaders in jail for crimes against humanity and fraud
  • respectful_observer
    Similar situation here in Australia. Although no mention
    of KHall construction on hold yet

    Just heard from a contact and was told that the construction freeze applies to Assembly Halls and bigger, so does not seem to affect Kingdom Hall construction (at least right now).

  • sparrowdown
    Yes flipper that too!
  • sparrowdown
    Welcome to the WT firesale!!
  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I talked to ex RBC member who has applied to work with the LDC 6 months ago and has heard nothing!

    And anyone that I have talked to has not heard of any LDC projects going on in the Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama area.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I never understood (even when I was a Bethelite) why they needed soooo many people to run a printing facility.. Most of what went on there was work they created for themselves, They even had in house furniture finishers tailors barbers and they grew all their own food and dairy. It might have made sense back in the C. T. Russell days to do that but it had long since become a very convoluted and time consuming way of getting the urgent message spread. The time and money spent on their lavish methods was astounding but everyone seemed to think it proved how much Jehovah was blessing them.

    It was the same with the assemblies. They had full on meals, including desserts. served on trays and tons of volunteers cooking it and dishing it all up and washing dishes instead of listening to the assembly program.

    I don't understand why this huge complex is being built in upstate New York when printing has become more automated and less in demand. It reminds me of a bunch of spoiled rich kids who have inherited Daddy's business and are about to run it into the ground while they play Monopoly with it. I'm not holding my breath but I won't be surprised if we see things come to a head soon.

  • done4good

    Between the new round of layoffs, the stopping of large construction, and the magazine reduction, (again), it is clear now that they are either in very bad financial trouble or planning to be. Like a few pointed out, the construction stoppage is a turn on a dime. They would not do that unless they realized something was very wrong.

    The money grab from congregations didn't work. The pledging didn't work. The begging and coercing for money in the videos didn't work. Legal precedents were set with the Conti case that will bring further cases to court. The ARC will bring more of such cases to Australia and beyond. The construction projects are running way over budget.

    Do the math.


  • sparrowdown
    The days of the Theocratic Hotel are over.

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