What If The Tower Fell?

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  • BoogerMan

    What If The Tower Fell?

    Maybe those JW's who are sincere, would want to be scripturally identified and recognised as Christians:

    Acts 11:26: "and it was first in Antioch Brooklyn that the disciples were by divine Rutherford's providence called Christians JW's."

  • Vidiot
    MeanMrMustard - “…If he woke up one year later and found the WTB&TS had been dissolved, that would pretty much line up with what he'd expect…”

    I don’t think so.

    At no point in WT eschatology is God’s Organization done away with.

    Attacked, yes, that event is supposed to kick things off, but not eliminated.

    That was one of the whole points of staying loyal… the WTS is, by implication, invincible and destined to prevail, simply by virtue of being God’s Organization.

    If my late father suddenly came back to life tomorrow, and the Org was gone, he’d have real trouble accepting it.

  • jehovaxx

    There are several big issues that could bring down the tower. 1914, overlapping generations, Vaccines were from Jehovah, CSA cover ups. Even the truth about Tony Morris could bring down the tower.

    There could be a hard reset, where new brothers raise up when the current GB get too old or too infirm.

    They admit the vaccines were not from Jehovah and they admit the 1914 doctrine was wrong. They admit they covered up CSA, but don’t worry this new updated governing body really is the true faithful and discreet slave and is now chosen by Jehovah to get rid of the evil slave.

  • ThomasMore

    One problem with resurrecting it from the ashes after a dramatic shutdown is the disposition of the KHs. WTC owns them. They probably have most leveraged to the hilt now to have enough cash for CSA settlements, but for the cash left in them, they won’t completely walk away. It would soon become known who was pulling the strings to extract the remaining value.

    The Argentina facility exists for a reason. I suspect that it will eventually serve its purpose.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    If the WT fell?

    Im putting my money on that there will always be die hard JWs who will try to keep the "torch" going with splinter groups.

    Remember,, there are die hards who have "sunk cost fallacy" who have decades vested into the Borg .

    They have emotional ties to it,,and they are locked-in to the Borg, no matter what.

  • MeanMrMustard
    I don’t think so.


    At no point in WT eschatology is God’s Organization done away with.

    The corporation of the WTB&TS is not the "Organization". The WT corporation could get nuked, and it wouldn't get rid of JWs, not even legally. Our hypothetical comatose JW would awken to see the WT attacked, the corporation dissolved, but the "brotherhood" still intact, even legally as another one of their corporations. He would still be going to meetings, perhaps in homes - exactly as they said it would happen.

    This is why legal measures attempting to dissolve, or eliminate, the organization are futile. Sure, make them pay for CSA scandals. But never attempt to ban, dissolve, or outlaw them. It's only going to prolong the Organization's ultimate lifetime. The real "Organization" is the membership, and as plain, old, uneventful time rolls on and on, grinding away into menatenous illogical contradictions, it will shrink in membership, and then the religion will fade into obscurity.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Attempting to ban and shutter an organization will strengthen the resolve of the most loyal dubs

    The most likely is a slow fade into oblivion.

    Like a super slow train wreck,,,remember the movie ""the Fugitive" starring Harrison Ford?

    Like that. But super slow motion.

    The organization is a mess and it will end eventually.........

  • Diogenesister

    Initially the majority would find the highest ranking dub available and rally around him (because..of course).

    Later on....I don't know. They'll definitely assume persecution, even if the media reports tax dodging, bankruptcy or some such. I presume most would eventually organise splinter groups of some kind, others would drift away - some would be devastated - many simply relieved. I think an awful lot would just keep on living because that's what we humans do. We carry on...Carry on J-Dubb🤔

  • NotFormer

    "Carry on J-Dubb"

    Undoubtedly the worst Carry On movie ever made. Not even Sid James as Tony Morris could save it! Or was it Charles Hawtrey playing Morris? 🤔

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    It’s absolutely unfathomable that the Borg have lasted this long. Our grandparents in the Borg after the war in the 1940/50s thought it was right around the corner. They thought 1914 was so long ago it has to be soon.

    Then the 60s early 70s they had 1975 to keep things going otherwise it would have fizzled out. How on earth anyone stayed in after 75 is beyond me.

    Then they had all the WTowers saying the end will come before the end of the millennium so they were looking for the year 2000.

    There has to be a time when we have got too far away from 1914 that it must have been a wrong teaching.

    I would say now, here we are 2024 in a few weeks.

    But let’s give them 6 more years to 2030, could they still cling onto this fundamental teaching or will they have to come up with new light about it.

    It has been said, if they were wrong about 1914 then EVERYTHING falls apart.


    The Borg has survived so much but not this. There is no way they could survive it becoming known they were wrong about 1914.

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