"And Your Little Dog Too...." WTS not content with taking kids' ice cream money, now they want them to give up their puppy dogs too.

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  • steve2

    I'm afraid I am a grown man who, when he sees a photo of a bichon, sees and hears nothing else but the adorable little cuddlesome bundle.

    Please, please, please Watchtower editor: If you need to embellish articles with photos, do NOT include a bichon - regardless of the point you are trying to make. That point will be completely lost on me,

    All I will see is the lovely bundle of joy that I so want to lovingly squeeze and cuddle; I will not hear a single word you say.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Cries and Cries for money. All you ever hear.
  • LV101
    God how I hate those --- I'm trying not to type degenerate words/expletives - I can't even read about the article. Maybe the animal protection groups will go after the evil cult leaders. Anyway, how come these evil cult leaders go on and on and on. Oh my.
  • Stealth

    If they wanted JWs to go where the need is greater, they should NOT have laid off all of the Special Pioneers. Am I right?

    Screw em, I am keeping my puppy.

  • slimboyfat
    Yeah something weird going down in JW land, we're not in Kansas anymore.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I hate to break it to you. . . .

    But they ate the damn dog.

    A little dog and a bag of rice goes a long way in the 3rd world.

    Pass the soy sauce.

  • Stealth

    On the bright side, you can wear your shirt un-tucked, no jacket or tie required in the ministry.

    Plus you can carry a man purse since you will needs your arms and hands free to climb the rugged mountainous terrain.

  • Sabin
    What did you expect from an organization that cares so little for children? to give a flying hoot about a dog! LOL. "Those who expand in their ministry show they have strong faith." If that isn't cult loaded language then I don't know what is. They don't give a shit about the god damed dog & they don't give a shit about the god damed kid.
  • sparky1

    Apparently, Serena Williams isn't going to serve where the need is greater anytime soon. She gets to keep her dogs.

  • steve2

    Plus you can carry a man purse since you will needs your arms and hands free to climb the rugged mountainous terrain.

    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

    He taketh away the Bichon and the top-buttoned collar and the tie. THey're gone, gone, gone.

    He giveth a modern-style, slim-fitting untucked shirt, an open collar and man bag. Father and son have never looked so dogless but cool.

    However, He expecteth the missus to remain in a "well arranged dress". No change in policy for you, honey.

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