"And Your Little Dog Too...." WTS not content with taking kids' ice cream money, now they want them to give up their puppy dogs too.

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  • sir82

    They view animals as just objects that can be discarded or moved around.

    1) Animals don't worshipfully treat every word dripping from the lips of the GB as precious golden nectar

    2) Animals don't contribute $$$

    Come to think of it, neither do children, which explains why the GB views them with contempt as well.

  • Khaleesi

    "Give us more faith"??? Something is missing based on the study article it should've read "Give us more faith in the watchtower"!!

    Its an act of cruelty taking your family to a rural area to be sales people & then a criminal offense to forsake & leave behind a family member, poor Fluffy

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Studies show that being around animals has a therapeutic effect. And considering the life a youngster in the Borg the stress can be off the chart. I know from experience!!!!

    Whether it's being around horses, dogs or cats it's proven that it lowers your blood pressure and increases your immune system, which is loving something.

    I know that some soldiers during war, they bring a beautiful golden retriever to the soldiers' camp to bring the spirits of the soldiers. Some cases soldiers are taken to see horses, pet the horses to relieve stress.

    Now they're implying in WT's for children in the Borganization to give up what little jollies they have. I'm just at loss of words.

  • sowhatnow

    totally illogical.

    first , off, one poster here brought up a good point. how taking children to another country sure is not something that is easily done. has anyone ever known a jw 'family' with young children, to be sent to a foreign country to preach a illogical message to people completely in the dark about a mainly American religion? and to what end will this benefit those people?

    not only that, its implied that they are taking the kids out of out of school. again, teaching that there is no value to keeping up with needed education .

    who do they think they are? the Wild Thornberrys? lol.

    [plus,we all know how awful it went when Christianity was being forced on the people hundreds of years ago].

    to be irresponsible to ones obligations,of family pets, and farm animals, is ,IMO, against the scriptures. what is the message to kids , when parents show so little concern and responsibility to another living thing?

    that they are not to be valued. and the lack of love for something that has brought joy, is totally ridiculous.

    apparently, none of the GB has had any pets.

    how then are Values to be taught when the WT teaches that nothing is of value in the world? There is no lesson to be learned about how to love and care living things that are dependent on humans.

    and yet here they are saying well gee, toss the dog over to someone else, drag the kids out of school, take them from grandma and grandpa and aunt and uncle, and all their friends, make them insecure, and dont worry about it.

    that's teaching disrespect and lack of care.

  • Quarterback
    Some who have gone to serve where the need is greater have brought their pets. But, I do think that there is a silent message in that photo. How pathetic that is.
  • JWdaughter
    awww, give serena a break. She never got baptised and she is walking a fine line to keep her family and her career. She's getting away with what none of us really could (but wish we could!!) . She could be one of us here, telling us how she is trying to fade without losing her family. And lets face it. she kind of gives the WT the one fingered salute frequently and gets away with it. She's having her cake and eating it too. She's beautiful, strong, rich and once her mom dies, she and sis will probably announce that they no longer consider themselves associates or JWs. (BTW, I in no way wish ill on their mom-they obviously love her to be playing this game so long.)
  • JWdaughter
    Making kids give up ice cream and puppies. . . man. That's cold.

    The whole objective of this photo is to show how the family left all the comforts of home to a place where ''the need is greater."

    What I see is the mom,dad and daughter all happy eyeing at a map of the family's new destination.The boy is looking away and holding and petting the dog.Why isn't he looking at the map and excited as the rest of the family?Why isn't the dog in any other picture with the family? They could of included the dog in another picture but the ''writers'' wanted to show that the family left everything,even the dog for this ''greater need'' bullshit!

  • Quarterback
    Yes, R&R, I agree with you. The map became their focus. Somewhere in the family discussion was the question, "How can we get by on just the Family Allowance Cheque?"


    We Can Preach And Sell The Dog.. ....Put The Bibles Away...........

    .....For Cheap Rum Here.........................I`ll Take The Dog.................Here`s A Glass Of Rum For You Son!


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