"And Your Little Dog Too...." WTS not content with taking kids' ice cream money, now they want them to give up their puppy dogs too.

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  • Vidiot
    Just when I thought it couldn't get any more eye-roll-worthy...
  • stuckinarut2

    Doubting Bro: Have you noticed they spend a huge amount of time discussing all the details of these stupid pictures and when they read scriptures, they gloss over them. Well, it is a Watchtower study after all and not a Bible study! Still, they act like those scriptures were sent directly from heaven. Some of the historical pictures have details that are not in the Bible and those commenting say the additional details must be true since they are in the WT.

    Well said indeed! Yes, the in depth analysis of the WT pictures has always amazed me! The things they see in them, and the way such are treated as "gospel" is mind blowing!

    "yes, well we see clearly here that Jehovah is telling us...blah blah.....etc...."

  • blondie

    *** w56 7/1 p. 397 par. 6 What Dedication Means to Me ***

    And so it is in the old world today: people are so devoted and dedicated to their personal interests, their businesses, their professions, their careers, or they are so taken up with their hobbies, their pets or their fancies, that they have no time to devote attention to the pure worship and service of the only living and true God, “whose name alone is JEHOVAH.”—Ps. 83:18.

  • stuckinarut2

    With tears in her eyes, my 9 year old crumpled her magazine and stuffed it in her bag.

    My heart breaks again...

    Maybe she is waking up?? This picture could be a good thing for her.

  • sparrowdown

    First off if the picture was real, (as opposed to a WT staged photo,)the dog was better off without this heartless family, something that cute would snapped up by some dog lover.

    But,I think it is damn irresponsible of WT to encourage those with young children to serve in countries where things like education, healthcare, the local infrastucture etc etc are inadequate and it can be downright unsafe for adults, let alone small children.

    Shame on you WT!

    Oh and newsflash to the GB: no one, nowhere on earth has a "need" for your family destroying cult. Piss off out of their countries these people have enough to deal with!

  • blondie

    *** g76 1/22 p. 18 Enjoy Animals—in Their Place! ***

    When her husband died, Mrs. E. bought a Sealyham terrier. She grew very fond of it. At the end of a year, however, she calculated how much her pet cost. She had gradually come to feed it special meat and snacks—$547.50 in one year. Shots and medicines—$50; grooming and accessories (sprays, collars, toys and so forth)—$291; kennel care when she traveled—$126. After giving this example, a book about pets concluded:

    “When Mrs. E. found that she had spent, in one year, [$1,014.50] on her dog, a sum equivalent to the annual income of a migrant worker in California, she decided there was something basically wrong about treating animals, however much one loved them, better than people.”

    That was her conclusion. Someone else might conclude that for him the benefits of having a pet warrants the cost. In any event, a person ought to weigh the expense and use reasonableness in deciding what is best for him. Priorities differ, as do circumstances. One African said:

    “In the general economic climate of undeveloped Africa it is very difficult for people to understand how the higher paid members of the community can spend as much, if not more, money on feeding dogs and cats and horses than the average person spends feeding his whole family.”

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Just a profoundly pathetic study. Implying to give up on what actually makes you happier, which is pets. Brutal.

    So craftily & subtly applied. Cruelty to children to give-up what little joy little kids have in the Borg. I can't find the words for it. Can't describe it.

  • Magnum

    I think your interpretation is correct and that the intended point in the pics is "subtle and malicious".

    In the first photo, the boy is looking at and petting the dog in a sad, contemplative way, as if he's thinking about giving him up. That part of the photo is there for a reason; the org is making a point. The dog is absent in the other photos. I believe that, too, is for a reaon. The org is making a point - that JWs should be willing to give up their pets.

    They view animals as just objects that can be discarded or moved around. They are cold and heartless. This especially infuriates me because I'm an animal lover, and I know from vast experience that animals have feelings; it can be extremely traumatic for an animal to be removed from those with whom he is familiar and to whom he is attached.

    I had a precious cat that I dearly loved. She was a small cat that was abandoned as a kitten and that I rescued. She dearly loved me. She wanted to be with me constantly. She would climb my leg to get on my shoulder. She slept with me.

    Well... I became a JW. No, I certainly didn't get rid of her, but I started pioneering and doing all the other JW stuff, and I only gave her token attention because I was gung ho in the ministry thinking billions of lives were at stake and that the "new world" would arrive soon and I would be able to be with her constantly.

    I went on what was supposed to be a six-month assignment where the need was greater. The cat stayed with my mother and died after I had been gone about a month. That was thirty years ago. I just told my wife recently that leaving that cat is one of the biggest regrets I have. I will never deprive any of my animals for that cold, heartless organization again.

    I continue to grow daily in my disgust for the org. Animals are suffering all over the world - some in ways inconceivable (believe me; I have video and photos). The org could help out greatly in this area. But does it care? Well, you know the answer to that. Does Morris care? Does Lett care? Instead of concentrating on money and real estate and big-shot accommodations for themselves, why don’t they do something to help out poor, suffering creatures? Because they’re heartless.

  • stuckinarut2

    Sparrowdown: But,I think it is damn irresponsible of WT to encourage those with young children to serve in countries where things like education, healthcare, the local infrastucture etc etc are inadequate and it can be downright unsafe for adults, let alone small children.

    Amen to that!! Depriving children of the basic foundations of life , namely proper education, and health care is irresponsible, selfish and borders on neglect! All for the aim of appearing righteous to other witnesses...

  • sparrowdown

    The witnesses I have known viewed their pets to be just as expendable as the humans in their lives.

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