Can someone tell me why Joan's ark and the flood not true and impossible?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Please don't believe the story that Jehovah caused a deep sleep for a year (hibernation), it's BS....

  • _Morpheus

    And even if you want to believe that god made them sleep on the ark what did they eat while vegetation replenished on earth?? What season was it when they left the ark??? Where did the seeds to regrow the entire variety of earths flora come from???

    So many questions and absolutely no answers. Because its the biggest load manure since “a snake made me do it”

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    A global flood 5000 years ago would have left very striking tell-tale signs in Earth's geology - worldwide! - yet no such ubiquitous geological evidence can be seen.

    However, there is evidence that there was a major (mega) tsunami in the Mediterranean region in late prehistoric times. This event could be the very small kernel of truth that inspired the global flood legends that pervade the area.

  • Finkelstein

    Another point to consider is that when this flood supposedly occurred , there were other cizizations in existence namely the Egyptian empire, there is no break in the archeological record that’s observable through evidence, hence there was no devastation of that civilization.

  • Diogenesister

    I want to offer some information, not from a scientific point of view ( ice core) but from a textual one. You see, Noahs arc isnt the original flood myth, there is a summarian legend called the epic of Gilgamesh which is 1,000 years older than the Noah story. But that isn't even the oldest one, there's another with all the same details which is 500 years older than Gilgamesh called Atra-Hassis. But even that isn't the oldest. We have fragments of yet an older story about a man called Ziasudra. All these stories feature an angry god who orders a man onto a boat with all the animals. They even send out birds to find dry land. If Noah is the original story, why did it take them over 1,700 years to write it down??

  • waton

    proof of the clearing up of the water canopy has just been delivered in Taiwan, a > longer than 9 hours lasting double rainbow. Rainbow covenant symbol made in Taiwan. Ripley. b.o.n.

  • ttdtt

    Wow I cant believe that this is still talked about.


    Few not ever mentioned.

    1. Water Salination. If the flood water came from rain or undergrounds springs - they would have been FRESH water. So that water would have mixed with the Saltwater in the oceans at the time. Imagin how salty the ocean water would have been pre-flood then? Sea life as we know it would not have been able to live in that water. Think - Dead Sea. Not many fishies swimming there, plus the all would float.

    2. Bugs. Ah - did Noah save all the insects? Where were the bees, or the millions of other insects that are needed to have a viable ecosystem?

    3. Slate cleaner. If there was a flood as described, and you had continents rising and falling (which is so stupid), the entire surface of the earth would be scoured clean. No plant life would survive. Then have it under salt water for an extended time to make sure its all dead. How did the plant life all come back when noah got out of his boat? Where were all the bugs (bees) that would be needed to pollinate plant life? There are about a million other moving parts what would have been needed that would have been erased by a 'flood'.

    There are so so many more.

  • TD

    Population Bottlenecks: We have (sadly) driven enough species to the brink of extinction that we are thoroughly acquainted with the mechanics of captive breeding programs. With most higher mammals, it takes about 70 individuals. Anything less will result in a host of lethal genetic disorders.

    Even if we assume just for the sake of argument that the mass extinction described in the flood story actually happened, the genetic markers would be clearly visible today, We know, for example that the African Cheetah went through a genetic bottleneck in the late Pleistocene (~10,000 years ago) because this can be observed not just in the animals themselves, (Who are now so closely related that a skin graft taken from one Cheetah can be used on any Cheetah) but in their mitochondrial DNA.

  • ttdtt

    Flood would require supercharged evolution

    How about that the rate of Evolution after the flood ( to go from the number of animals you could fit in an average Home Depot to the 10s of millions of species today ) would mean that new critters would be popping up every day.

  • waton

    2 hours ago2 hours ago

    does nobody have a sense of humour here? this is belated image of a rainbow, the same colours that Noah saw, but of 9 hours duration, given to humans as proof positive, that the water canopy, the liquid Damocles sword, had collapsed.

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