Can someone tell me why Joan's ark and the flood not true and impossible?

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  • redvip2000
    Unfortunately, almost any objection could be met with an answer of 'but it was a miracle'

    Right, and this is the main issue.

    Because we can all sit here and come up with 100's of logistical problems with why the flood couldn't happen under normal circumstances. But most JWs will just claim it wasn't normal, and that God can just make anything happen using his magic wand.

    Now, to me the best angle is logic itself. Let's see... god needs to kill a few million people, and even though he had legions of angels sitting around picking their ass, when (as the bible says) each of the angels could kill dozens of people in one night.


    Option a) - tell about 100 angels to go to earth and kill all evil humans. This takes about 1 day to accomplish with minimal impact.

    Option b) - create a cataclysmic event, that will kill 99.9% of all animals, all fresh water fish, all plants and vegetation, force a desert dweller to build a huge boat with barely any tools, fly animals over the oceans to the middle east, force animals not be hungry and not shit while on the boat. Then wait 1 year for the water to evaporate, while everybody is on the boat waiting. Then have everybody come out into a devastated world.

    Now, what kind of an idiot God is going pick option A? I tell you who - the God of the Jdrones.

  • jaydee

    To buy into this whole flood story...

    it really helps to be keep in mind the most famous of the 'Cain' brothers.

    Co - Cain.........

  • Finkelstein

    The story of Noah's flood is just another expression made by the ancient Hebrews toward creating power and relevance to their select god YHWH, there were many .

    Ancient mythology is most fictional in nature but was done so with its own inherent intent.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    how did the olive tree ? and water pressure and all pushed the mountains up? I can believe that a little EXCEPT that 2 of the 4 rivers are still there??????

    May as well bring up the half gazillion people inhabiting the earth 200 years later at Babel.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    L.A Calif.zoo over 1,100 animals and 250+species, so how many employees does it take to feed,house and take care of the different species health daily???

  • waton
    TD: "--none of Cain's descendants made it on to the Ark.

    Of course that does not mean that did not work on the structure.

    I always felt the only way to get that job done was to somehow con the super strong nethinim to do the hard lifting on the ark, the timber sawing.for example.

  • dubstepped

    How do you keep the animals on the Ark fed? How do you prevent them from eating one another? How many people does it take to shovel that much shit, and by shit I mean the story and subsequent belief not the metric tons of literal waste that would be generated in short order.

  • waton
    ds: "How do you prevent them from eating one another?

    All fauna was vegetarian until the door opened again. Only god liked meat, he got it from Abel, but humans, lyons, dogs were all plant eaters.

  • _Morpheus

    Forget the meat eaters, how much vegetation did they need for all the herbivores (like elephants) FOR A YEAR? Complete bullshit.

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