Can someone tell me why Joan's ark and the flood not true and impossible?

by Gokumonkey 60 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • jaydee

    quite a few good videos on youtube about it, why it can't be literally true,

    Localized floods, sure, but Global ??? It's nonsense.

    and there are even older flood stories too ......

  • Saename

    You can take a look at this article. I think the most persuasive arguments include "How did Noah get the animals to the ark?" and "How did Noah care for the animals on the boat?" In addition, it's worth contemplating how the hell kangaroos were supposed to walk and swim all the way up to Australia without leaving a single trace of evidence.

    If after all this someone still wants to believe in the flood, he would have to take it blindly on faith. The only answer a Christian could offer is that it was a miracle because without a miracle, it's simply impossible for the flood to be real.

  • steve2

    Like all good stories that have endured for Millenia, Noah’s ark exists most powerfully in the imagination that hungers for revenge on the one hand, and redemption on the other.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Geology tells us all we need to know about the possibility of a global flood. The good thing about that branch of science with regards to this topic is that whatever is asserted by those that believe a worldwide flood happened can be readily checked with our evidence. That alone allows you to forget about how animals got to this ark and how this ark was built etc.

    However that is a complicated subject that takes time to learn and understand. So instead focus on the contemporary civilisations around the world that make no mention of a global flood (or getting wiped out) and continue with their progression oblivious to this supposed event. Google will throw up all manner of information about societies alive at the time this flood was meant to have happened...

  • Ruby456

    poetry and storytelling compress time so that it can be made relevant to the present. This means that the global flood did happen but probably in the Pliocene and possibly where we are heading with global warming.

    When you read the bible and when it claims that the flood happened in our time then it is bringing it up close and puts it together with the promise that it will never happen again. In social life we do such things all the time to cope with black swan events.

  • freddo

    Don't worry Gokumonkey, everyone knows that Noah's wife's name was Joan. And their surname was Covenant.

  • Ruby456

    lets not get confused with Liberty leading her peeps, Joan who covered over just about everything, the Sabines, Diana taking revenge against that peeping tom Actaeon and poor Mrs Noah who prolly never bared anything to lead people. She stayed home to cook and clean till all the cows had gotten into the ark!!!!

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  • waton
    Ruby 456: "---the cows had gotten into the ark!!!!

    not just the cows, but pandas for paradise too, actually easy for the "god" who ordered it, because he had practise, it was done before by or for Adam, the lone bachelor, when he had to name them. The beasts must have dispersed, perhaps not too far? and brought back again for the big wet event.

    Water fell at the average rate of 220 meters per day, 10 meters, 30 feet an hour. Torrents down and sideways. No wonder the ark was never found.

  • Ruby456

    guffaw - goodness me where are those tissues

  • waton

    tissues? crocodile tears? the crocks were actually the best off, swimming, resting on the immense floating debris , some never left the sea, ocean crocks around Australia.

    The one major change of that spectacle was for the snakes. it left them speechless, after the flood , they never talked again.

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