There is science that prove God exists

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  • HopeEverLasting

    So saying poetry is stupid, which it is, means a troll? Don't be butt hurt.

  • HopeEverLasting

    Xelder, Saename's poetry was stupid.

  • xelder

    What other crazy comments do you need to revise because of your lack of thought?

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "l always have a good laugh when people on this forum say your an idiot if you believe in god when in fact they once believed in god.what does that say about them?"

    I was once an idiot. I know and accept that. What's your point?

    Here's a fact that you cannot dispute and which should move you to humility and carefully re-examining your position:

    The majority of the atheists on this forum were once like you believing in God. They know all about your fallacious arguments; just as much or more scripture than you do. They also know more about science and evolution than you do. They are familiar with both sides of the debate so their conviction is a fully informed one, based on knowing and weighing both sides.

    On the other hand, most theists on this forum know a lot of fallacious arguments and scripture, but have a very poor grasp of science and especially the subject of evolution - this fact is made evident time and time again in the kinds of inane questions and arguments against evolution presented in theistic questions. Now ask yourself these questions:

    1. What credibility does a critic of a particular view have, when he does not understand the view to begin with?

    2. Imagine that two people are in disagreement about an issue, each proposing a different one of two conflicting views about it (View A and View B). Person A fully understands both views as he has researched them both - in fact he was formally a proponent of the competing view B, but changed his mind and rejected it once he researched view A.

    Person B is only familiar with and understanding of, arguments for view B. He knows very little of view A and much of the little he knows is in a distorted form as he received it from misinformation he heard from persons arguing against it.

    If you had to bet on which of the two persons are more likely to be correct who would you choose: the one who only understands one view and argues against the other, while being largely in ignorance of it? Or the one who knows both views and rejected one view in favor of the other after researching the other?

  • prologos
    what made the gravity and light?

    energy&mass. but It was not just gravity and light. orbiting systems exist a long time, long enough for life to evolve, because of harmonics, resonances, ratio-nal timing. possibly divine original acoustics.

  • jonahstourguide



    Thank you Lines people. Thank you Ball people. Game Set Match.

  • Landy

    Simon - might be worth comparing Crabbys and hopeeverlastings ip addresses.

  • wizzstick

    Well, first of all, what created the nothing?

    Creationists have the same problem. Who created God? And where is the evidence that supports your answer.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray
    " might be worth comparing Crabbys and hopeeverlastings ip addresses."

    Similar writing style to Andromeda.

    Wow...five pages of troll-baiting...far too generous.

  • Landy
    ....... say your an idiot if you believe in god .....



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