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  • wednesday

    the fact that jesus bith is recorded in the bible and celebrated, and there w as a star leading them to him-but that was Satan's star of course.

    Lot offered his daughtes to a mob to save some men who culd have saved themself,and then did not condemn him for hit. also. Lots own dgts, getting him drunk and sleeping with him.

    Who was it that married 2 women? (so many) one was pretty and the other Leah, was not, I always felt sorry for woman who were not pretty in the bible, they really got a bad rap.

    in fact the scriptures generally piss me off about women. They are only good for anything if they are beautiful and bear sons. they are nojthing otherwise.

    u will be changed in the twinkling of an eye...

    and death will be no more...... why could they not be talking about heaven, certainly there is no death there.

  • starScream

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but just in case he is still kicking.....

    Are all the billions of people who have lived on this planet who have never heard of christ ....or ever will hear of him.......going to burn too. .....go away.

    I told you:

    "At first this does not make sense." This is in large part due to people making assumptions about hell.

    So I ask you. When your life is over with do you want what you have earned? Yes? Then you should want to go to hell because that is where you will get what you have earned. I on the other hand have no interest in getting what I have earned. I want what I do not deserve. I want a Ferrari and a billion dollars. I don't deserve these things. I have racked up at least $100,000 in speeding tickets, plus several years in jail for DUIs but I dont want these earnings.

    going to burn too

    You are implying and assuming that something will be unfair. You know what billions of people have earned? I don't. I have no clue what other people have earned. I don't know what anyone has.

  • patio34
  • Sunspot

    The one that always "got to me" every time I heard it was "Seek Jehovah, all you meek ones of the earth who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness, probably you MAY be concealed in the day of Jehovah's anger" [Zeph 2:3]

    Now THERE'S a warm fuzzy from the God you worship and trust in to save your butt when you knock yourself out (WTS-style) to "be pleasing to him" !

  • freedom96

    I have no issues with the bible, or the verses in it.

    I have issues with cults that change the words of the bible to follow their personal belief systems.

  • Kenneson

    1. JW's say that pagans worship gods. Yet they also say that Satan is the god of this world and is worshipped. Now if Jesus is a god, who worships him? And if not, why not?

    2. While the O.T. refers to God's people Israel as "Jehovah's witnesses" (Isa. 43:12), why is that designation not found anywhere in the New? As a matter of fact, the New T. at Acts 1:8 says we are to be Christ's witnesses. How can anyone be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and blatantly disregard this command?

    3. If conscious existence terminates with death, how can the death of the saints or holy ones be precious in Jehovah's sight? (Ps. 116:15)

    4. If death terminates existence, what did Paul mean when he spoke of being "away from the body" and "at home with the Lord"? (2 Cor. 5:8).

    5. If death ends it all for body, soul and spirit, what is left of me to be resurrected? So, do JW's believe in the resurrection or a re-creation?

    6. How can Jesus be both the Shepherd (John 10:14) and the Lamb (John 1:29)? How could He be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2) and yet be everlasting (Is. 9:6)>

    7. If Jesus is Michael the Archangel, why could Jesus rebuke Satan in the wilderness (Matt. 4:10) and yet Michael could not in Jude 9?

    8. Why are both Jehovah and Jesus said to be the temple in Rev. 21.:22 and both co-occupy the throne in Rev. 22:1 and 7:15-17.

    9. What did the four living creatures and elders do when they "fell down" before the Lamb at Rev. 5:8-9? See also verse 14. What did the angels do in verses 11 and 12 and what did every creature do in verse 13? If Jesus is not receiving worship here as is the one seated upon the throne, what do JW's call it?

    10. If all authority in heaven and on earth was given to Jesus (Matt.28:18) what is it that Jehovah possesses that Jesus doesn't?

  • libra_spirit

    If the Christians were against blood sacrifice of humans, as the pagans were doing, then why did thier God also demand the blood sacrifice of Jesus. To me the whole idea that Jesus had to die for all mankind was totally absurd. It makes God seem very blood thirsty.

    Also if God told Abarham to kill Isaac his son, and then changed his mind later and told him not to kill him, then did God lie? Either God changed his mind, or God outright decieved Abarham. Either way it makes God out to be not very consistent in his will.

    In the garden of eden the tree was that of "knowledge of good and evil". Why would God choose to keep man in ignorance never recieving knowledge of good and evil? If man had chosen to obey then would he not still be practicing good and learning this? Was disobeying really the only way to learn about good and evil? Was man really that stupid? As a JW we were taught all about good and evil, was this not a teaching of disobeidence equal to eating the forbidden fruit?

    My all time worst conflicts were realized after reading the new testament, particularly the book of John. I realized that to be a Christian you had to be "born of the spirit" you had to partake of the emblems. I realized that Jesus was to return visibly "every eye would see him".And his return was to be in the flesh! He adamintly stated that the "antichrist" was the one denying Jesus in the flesh, as the JWs did.

    Revelation, the first four chapters, was addressed to Isreal, not "Spiritual Isreal" the term "Spiritual" had been added, this was forbidden by the last verse of Revelation, the JWs were guilty of the worst thing mentioned in the Bible, adding to it so as to change its written meaning. A very disturbing thought!

  • Silence

    I have a few issues which have already been addressed so I'll just touch on them slightly.

    Firstly the issue of lots two daughters:

    These two girls were apparently virgins. Well I'm not an expert on the subject but I do believe that it's a little hard to imagine that two virgins of that day and time who had never had sex with a man before - had the knowledge of when they would be ovulating in order for their impregnations to take place - were ovulating at the exact same time of the month or had the sexual expertise to not only arouse their father to erection (ever heard of drinkers droop) when he was catatonically drunk enough to not realise he was having sex with his own daughters but did it two nights running or perhaps they didn't have hangovers then?

    They literally would have had to climb on top of their drunk unconscious father and assuming the man could hold an erection long enough to do the deed, they would have had to use considerable force to break their hymen so penetration could occur. A pretty amazing feat for two virgins to accomplish two nights running don't you think?

    Also the imagination really would have to be stretched somewhat to imagine that they would flee a city with such haste that they leave anything behind that they didn't need for their imediate survival and yet they are able to carry enough alcohol to get their father pickled two nights running. Even if they took a donkey to carry what belongings they could, surely they wouldn't waste valuable space on that poor donkey to carry Daddy's booze.

    The picture I've always seen in this little example of "Righteous Lot and his two daughters" is not as it is painted to appear. What I see is an Alcoholic father who's level of protection over his daughters is such that he'd offer them up to be raped by a pack of men who are trying to bang down his door to rape his visitors who he'd never met before that night. The girls had been raised in a city whereby deviant sex seemed to be the way of life. The expertise it would have taken to get their father to the point of ejaculation certainly does not indicate pure and innocent virgins sorry.

    I could go on about a few things but I'll finish off with just one other item of annoyance.

    The scriptural reference is that of 2 Kings 2:24

    Elisha had just freshly been appointed as the one to take over the duties of Elija. He performs a miricle or two and then meets up with a number of small children who decide to jeer and taunt him with the words "Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!"

    This prophet of God uses his God given powers to "call down evil upon them, in the name of God. Then two she-bears came out from the woods and went tearing to pieces forty-two children."

    Now my understanding has always been that "God" has always tried to distance himself from evil things. James 1:13 points to this quite clearly. Yet it would appear that he will not only allow his chosen prophets to call down evil in his name upon a number of small children, he sanctified the evil when the two she-bears answered the call to evil and ripped 42 children into pieces.

    How is it possible to teach our children not to retaliate when taunted at school etc if Gods chosen prophet unleashes Gods power to such an evil degree as is stated in this Biblical example?

    Finally: I agree entirely with the viewpoint that the Bible does not bring any kind of honor or respect to women. They have been treated no better than cattle and in fact in many instances cattle are valued and treated better than most of the women in Biblical examples.

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