Verses that bothered you as a JW

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  • Mulan
    in hell people will receive payment for the works they have performed in life. Justice will be done. everyone will be made to understand that it IS justice. you will not be punished for anything you have not done. If you have done no wrong then you don't need to worry. If you did something wrong in your life and want forgiveness Yashua will forgive you, if you put your faith in him.

    Huh????? You actually believe in Hellfire?

    Logic is a tool used to search for the truth.

    How logical is Hell?

  • gumby

    Unless you have faith in Christ for salvation you will go to hell. At first this does not make sense. It does make sense though if you realize that hell is just the payment for ones works. You get what you have earned in Hell

    Wanna know what I think about that comment? I think people who make comments like this are full of s#*t, are judgemental bastards who are sick in the head and depraved.....thats what.

    How dare you tell people they will burn forever for not accepting what a book written by man tells you what is good and what isn't. Are all the billions of people who have lived on this planet who have never heard of christ ....or ever will hear of him.......going to burn too. .....go away.

  • Brummie
    Princess.....He then decided we needed to help god destroy Satan and was planning on rallying up a group of preschoolers the next day to help out. I tried to rein him in a bit. That's what I needed, a bunch of preschool moms calling to find out why my son was convincing their children to kill the devil


    THAT is an absolute classic! What a bright little guy you have. I get into some fun converations like this with my kids, love em.


  • asher
  • asher

    John 14:14 Should we pray to Jesus?


  • VeniceIT

    HAHAHHA omg I can soo see Rhys doing that hahahahah!!!!

    Read the story of "Dinah gets in trouble" to Zoe she'll love it, they all do heheheheh!!!!

    Hahah Priceless, well I guess you don't have to worry about them getting brainwashed!!!


  • Princess

    Nah Ven, we don't worry about them getting brainwashed by the bible thumpers, that's for sure. However, the TV ads have them hopelessly in their grip. They both think "perfect pancake" would solve all our problems. Now if only we could start a perfect pancake religion....

    Rachel, who really does make good pancakes but not up to the standards of the perfect pancake leaders ages 4 and 6.

  • dannywalsh

    one that really troubled me was were god said to abraham that his seed would be as numerous as the stars of heaven and as the sands of the seashore that cannot be counted ,then check out galatians 3v29 and eph 4 v5 and try to reconcile the notion of only 144,000 going to heaven , i never could and still cant

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Great question. First off, I still believe in God even though I have a few quesitons for him. A few verses by the Apostle Paul (he's not my favorite!) I've heard ad nauseum: Shunning -'not even greeting anyone called a brother' (so harsh), Marry only in the Lord (it wasn't just the lack of brothers it was the lack of good, strong men among them!), Subjection/Headship (I don't need a dad, I'd like a partner!), Head covering (what in hec for?), women can't teach in the congregation (why not?) The issue of Universal Sov. and the permission of human suffering. A God with unlimited power 'permits' a kid to be molested or killed, those poor people who jumped to their death from the World Trade Center and there's no divine intervention for them but the angels will protect a dub out in service? Does that make any sense? The Old (harsh) and New (merciful) Testement has a God with split personality disorder. The entire book of Revelation. If salvation is a life or death issue then why all the symbolism? This beast means that nation. That number really means this. Too much confusion. Just say - In the 21st Century, if you want to survive God's War, you must join this religion to be saved. Why leave so much open to interpretation if you want all to survive? - Victorian Sky

  • starScream
    How dare you tell people they will burn forever.

    How dare you make up something I did not say.

    Huh????? You actually believe in Hellfire?

    What is hellfire. I said man will be judged individually according to his works.

    for not accepting what a book written by man tells you what is good and what isn't

    No, I did not say that. They are JUDGED INDIVIDUALLY by his WORKS. You are accusing me of things I did not say. If your concept of hell is people only being tortured with fire then that is your concept, not mine. My concept of hell is the contrast to heaven. Hell is the place of Work, 666. All the work days without rest. In hell they recieve no rest. In heaven they recieve rest.

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