Latest Leaked BOE letter to Elders Oct. 4th

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  • freemindfade
    Only brainwashed people could be convinced things are speeding ahead when they are really going backwards
  • Tech49

    How sad.

    No more Theocratic Ministry School means that never again will just any ol' publisher have the opportunity to "teach" from the platform, after making up his own talk outline, based on his own research or thoughts.

    Everything will come from a pretty workbook with lots of pictures and wide margins and bullet points and pre-printed questions. And a space to write your own notes, hey thanks, that's awesome! And then here, lets all watch this awesome video!

    Any and all individualized thinking is now eliminated. Just look at the pretty pictures and re-gurgitate the answers from the "workbook". Sounds like a 3rd grade curriculum. Are they going to pass out little boxes of WT Crayons with bible verses next ??!!

    And then lets cut the already painfully meager and lame WT and Awake magazines to HALF of what they are now. And then lets make the Bible Teach Book even SIMPLER ????!! Are you kidding me right now? OMG how stupid! Its already so pitifully elementary level that no one in their right mind would get the "truth" from it!

  • sir82

    And then lets cut the already painfully meager and lame WT and Awake magazines to HALF

    Actually the new Awake magazine is about 12% of what it used to be just a few years ago.

    Then: 24 issues X 32 pages each = 768 pages per year

    Now: 6 issues X 16 pages each = 96 pages per year

  • konceptual99

    Spot on Tech49.

    The TMS is the only thing that actually gave me something useful. I learnt how to speak publicly, formulate a presentation and have the confidence to present myself.

    Now it's all top down, centralised and formulaic. There is no need for presentation skills when you stand like a moron at the top of the exit from a tube station with a pile of Awakes (as I witnessed in central London this week) or rest on a bench with your coffee whilst dozens of people pass by your redundant trolley. Why learn how to reason when all you do is show someone at the door a video on your tablet before pressing a leaflet telling them to go to so someone can contact them into their unwilling hand.

    The best education in the world? Thank feck all the scientists, doctors and engineers of this world aren't taught this way.

  • millie210

    From the letter:

    When the scheduled weekly Bible reading begins a new Bible book, a brief video introducing the book will be shown at the start of this part.

    Who mentioned a while back that they are going to start controlling more and more of the meeting from on high rather than in local hands?

    What a beautifully subtle start to that.

  • Tech49

    Just imagine......It wont be long and all of the meetings and Regional Conventions and Special Assembly days will just be videos and preprinted "talks", sprinkled with the occasional fake "examples", "experiences", and "demos".......... oh wait........................ they are.

    The intellectual thinkers and anyone with skills in "reasoning" are gone, and any remaining are being phased out due to "non-compliance".

    Just press "PLAY", and you will fit right in, you little robot.... GHovah appreciates all your hard work!

  • BluesBrother

    Not the first to say this but, I need my say:

    A simplified "Bible Teach" book? Who are they now targeting... those who are "mentally challenged? I guess they are meek and teachable!

    We have a revised "Organization" book . I guess that is needed . I see that will be available to download . They used to kept under wraps and presented to those to be baptized, or was it new publishers ?

    A NWT Study edition? watch this space.

    The midweek meeting - What no School? If they really dispense with it where are the future speakers going to come from? We only got to be able to give public talks because of it. I feel they must have it in there somewhere ,perhaps not as a separate portion of the meeting..

    I bet the new meeting will be just as boring as the old meeting

  • millie210

    BkuesBrother, your post reminded me of something...

    wasnt one of the selling points about the "teach" book that it was already a somplified teaching aid for the public?

    I had forgotten about that. It was supposed to be easier to teach quickly from and pre -empted the "Live Forever" book,

    So now they have a simplified version of the simple book?

    Good grief!

  • sir82

    So now they have a simplified version of the simple book?

    I recall, many years ago, an old gent mocking "Coors Light" when it first came out: "What the hey? Wasn't Coors already a light beer?"

    New campaign slogan for JWs: "The Bible Teach Us Book - The Coors Light of Study Aids"

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    Then: 24 issues X 32 pages each = 768 pages per year
    Now: 6 issues X 16 pages each = 96 pages per year

    That's the math alright. Add to that all the digital stuff replacing hardcopy at every level, plus postal savings due to digital distribution of all those letters and other stuff (shipping costs way down!).

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