Anthony Morris III: Jehovah Blesses Obedience

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  • steve2

    I just watched the full 7-plus minutes, after watching only the last 3 minutes earlier.

    I note no full shots of his hands. We do not know whether he wore pinky rings. Feedback apparently hits home.

    Regarding changing definitions of the Greek word, usually rendered "dogma" in some tranlstions and "decree" in others, he spoke briefly and superficially on the latter day English variant, the adjective "dogmatic". He wisely did not mention that "dogma" was - and in conservative circles, still is - a reference to the Roman Catholic Church whose hierarchical structure broadly mirrors JW organization.

    The Pope pronounces dogma and the Church obeys. Too close for comfort.

    Small wonderthe English adjective has negative connotations of a view being pronounced as right and above being questioned and all others rejected as false.

    The man's whiny American accent grates. Could he not soften it?Can someone help me here: Is his an example of a New York accent? I detected some Southern notes in his voice (Alabama?).

    His delivery was surprisingly limp and lacked conviction. He wore a kind of masked and odd set of constricted facial expression throughout. I suspect that he may have been subjected to "coaching" on how to "look" on TV and is in the learning process where he has yet to "fly". He looks like a man who is not yet able to convey interpersonal ease and friendliness. If he's part of the faithful slave, I'd hate to think whst the evil slave looks and sounds like.

  • freemindfade
    His accent has more of a upper midwest to buffalo new york sound, not to be mistaken at all with various NYC accents. its somewhere between Chicago and buffalo.
  • leaving_quietly

    "This is a theocracy, ruled by God, not a collection of man-made decisions. This is governed from heaven."

    Not once did he mention Christ, whom God placed as head of the congregation.

  • wifibandit
    It sounds like a Rhode Island accent to me.
  • cappytan

    Y'all are way off with the accent.

    This is the accent of a douchebagius maximus, a creature rarely seen outside of the New York area. I know of only 7 currently existing in the wild.

  • leaving_quietly

    Looking at Acts 16:4 in context, it had nothing to do with just any ol' decrees that came out of Jerusalem. This is right on the heels of the main issue of why Paul went up to Jerusalem to begin with.

    "I went up as a result of a revelation, and I presented to them the good news that I am preaching among the nations." - Gal 2:2

    The false brothers came down from Judea, of which Jerusalem was the capitol city. The "decrees" were that the Gentiles did NOT have to get circumcised, and "to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, from blood, from what is strangled, and from sexual immorality." (Acts 15:29).

    This is the ONLY place in the NT that talks about decrees being followed. Thus, is was a VERY PARTICULAR set of decrees related very much to the issue false brothers were pushing onto the Gentiles.

  • Stealth
    Best GB video yet! Keep em coming boys! Tell us all about what keeps you up at night!
  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Holy shit! I just remembered something: The Watchtower's annual meeting is just 11 days away! It would be interesting to see what tone it will take and what would be said.
  • TheMark
    for a guy who is supposed to be full of spirit, the tank looks kinda low right now. He needs a fix bad.
  • Gayle
    (With melody). You say toma'tos and I say tomatos, you call call it decrees and I call it dogma,,lets call the whole thing off!!!

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