Anthony Morris III: Jehovah Blesses Obedience

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  • konceptual99

    I've just listened to this broadcast. I don't normally bother but recent events and some comments sparked my curiosity.

    Right from the start this is clearly lining up the expectation about response to the news of lay-offs.

    He points out that the disciples were to be "focused on prayer and the ministry".

    He talks about "decisions being made" by the 1st C "GB" and then blessings coming. He talks about those obeying the decrees being blessed and there being an increase.

    He talks about not having a dogmatic approach (!) and why they do not translate the word "dogmata" as dogma but as "decrees".

    There is nothing to this broadcast but lining up the Bethel family and the wider audience to accept the "decrees" and do nothing but obey.

  • Heaven

    Vidiot said: Reminds me of another little story about a BS conductor who lost his temper a bit during the comments, and blurted out, "I don't care what the Bible says, I care about what the Watchtower says!"

    freemindfade said: I remember an elder in my hall 6 years ago saying at times from the stage even if somehow this wasn't the truth, there is no better way to live, or I would still be a witness. I thought it was messed up to say that then, now I would flip my lid.

    THIS, right here, screams cult members. Some people seem to want this.

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