Are we losing our way a bit at JWN?

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  • startingover
    IMO, if there wasn't so much Trump hate this post would never have been started. Yes, I voted for Trump, first time I ever voted. For one reason, he was not a career politician. I am not a Trump worshiper, a Trump cult member, etc etc. I would just like to see what he can accomplish, and so far he is doing just what I wanted. But the obstructionists which I consider right now to be whiners are out of control. I just had a confrontation on FB with a Trump hater. He admitted Trump had done nothing that actually affected him, it was all based upon his gut feeling. I wish all these haters would just STFU and see how it plays out.
  • ttdtt

    I wish we could just all abstain from politics and stick to the cult issues.

  • Diogenesister
    Dubstepper as searching and came across all of the politics that I was never exposed to and that seemed to be my first feel of this place, I'd be gone. It would have scared me away, to be honest. That's nothing against those that discuss it or the topics themselves but it would have been too much, too fast, and I would have just looked and said that "those people are no happier than I am and are miserable in the world around them. Look how awful it must be."

    I think that's a very reasonable point, I probably would feel the same and what's sad is that it was the humour of the posters on the board that first drew me - perhaps a little lacking at present In some topics?

    Anyway the suggestion I have is this:

    What's really amazing about jwdotnet is the incredible amount of well researched information.

    I think we need to boast about it to New members and lurkers. Make the search engine look physically larger on the page. Perhaps some direct links to most popular searches. Big it up, in other words. It deserves it!!

  • eyeuse2badub


    Great post! Way too much politics on this forum. And most of it is American politics which is probably very off putting to non-American members. I really enjoy hearing stuff from those outside the USA.


    just saying!

  • Diogenesister
    Those who defend this situation believe in immigration by "merit," where they can cherry-pick their immigrants.

    Yup. S'called the brain drain and it's bad for developing countries.

    I think the immigration thing has got more heated of late due to the atrocities committed by radical Islam and their refusal to integrate. There have always been immigrants, legal and illegal, who for the most part work damned hard and contribute a lot with very little thanks. The issues with Islamic extremism causes The racism and xenophobia that accompanies discussions on immigration to now finds a public outlet people didn't previously find acceptable. At least post Enoch Powell's " rivers of blood" speech.

  • stuckinarut2

    How did this very thread become about the very thing we didnt want it to focus on? Politics.

  • snare&racket

    I sincerely feel the same way.

    JWN was a haven for me, it helped me in my hardest and darkest moments.

    It concerns me now, that new, vulnerable JW’s may come here and find aggressive political ideaology and disunity. I’m not stupid, it represents real life, it’s just not why we come here.

    Most of the world (in my humble view) is appalled and shocked at some modern political ideaology and yet here it is often defended and praised. Very derogatory language is used, where previously it would not have been acceptable on JWN. Terms like libtard, are neither appropriate or funny. Think of who may be visiting this site!!!

    I am a huge fan of politics and debate, it’s largely my biggest interest in life..... but that’s not what JWN is for. With politics polarising people so much nowadays, is it wise that it dominates so aggressively here?

    i am indebted to Simon & Angharad for JWN. Who am I to have any say on how this place is run, or how it should be (if it can be) moderated? .... but it sincerely worries me too that JWN is turning a little too political.

  • JaniceA

    There is no political neutrality here unless we simply don’t respond to 90% of the posts that swing quite obviously to the right. Different opinions are not well tolerated.

    In earlier days we were trying to make sense of the Bible and argued for/against various JW points. Now we really don’t bother because most gave up on the Bible and/or god. Those who haven’t lost interest in Bible and/or God quickly learn that they will be openly mocked.

    After you get done with religion and are old, and likely balancing your heart medicine with your little blue pills, sex is probably less a distraction so the politics of old white men clearly prevail on this site with sex and religion off the table.

    edit to say, the above paragraph should definitely be phrased better, but i think it’s essentially true that sex talk isn’t pc or of much interest and we are kind of over in depth theological discussion. Politics is what’s left.

  • fulano

    What bothers me more than the topics on politics are the repetitly ignorant alegations of freemason pinkies, Rolex watches, expensive suits and being millionairs the gb.

  • cofty

    The solution is in all our hands.

    Read challenging and informative books, watch interesting TV and YouTube broadcasts and use the things you learn to start interesting new topics.

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